Dental implant removal code

Dental implant removal code and dental implant removal cost

Dental implant removal code and dental implant removal cost tend to be something that dentists search for so my if you are not a dentist jump down to the bottom and read on the dental implant removal cost.

What is the dental implant removal code?

The ADA dental code for dental implant removal is D6100. This is a dental code that asks for a description. The exact wording in the 2018 ADA is, “This procedure involves the surgical removal of an implant. Describe procedure.” Not sure what description they want as the code seems pretty descriptive by itself. The may be other dental codes that you use with D6100. The most likely would be a bone grafting code. The bone grafting dental code to use is the same that you use when extracting a tooth, which is D7953.

Case I needed to know dental implant removal code for

A mini dental implant that needs removal

What does a dental implant removal cost?

This dental code does not get a lot of use, therefore I am not sure how accurate sites like fair health consumer is. However, they do have dental code D6100 so you can look up the dental code for dental implant removal. Since removal is so rare the thought of what to charge usually does not come up until the situation present itself.

The fees I have seen range from $450-$1000, but I think a lot of it should depend on the severity and circumstances of the case. Another recommendation I have seen is to charge 2x your surgical fee. This seems to fit with what my fair health consumer estimate is. We charge $615 for removal but that assumes straight forward case. That fee is about $300 less than the fair health consumer average for my zip code. Usually my practice is right at or above so it appears we’re doing this for cheaper than we should.

Dental code for implant remocval? Mini dental implant removal with trephine

A mini dental implant removal with trephine.

Need the removal of a dental implant?

If you have a dental implant that needs removal, we can help. Typically an implant that needs removal has bone loss and can be done relatively easily, if the dentist has the right tools. Since the right tools are usually owed by a dentist that places that kind of implant, it is best to find a dentist that uses the system of implant that you have. Many systems have specific attachment sizes and require specific tools. However, there are also bits that will remove anything, therefore it is not critical.

Broken dental implants

A broken dental implant is pretty rare. The ones that break are usually mini dental implants that are too small for the amount of force in that site or they are dental implants that flower. Some brands flower more than others, basically the ones with thin metal collars.

A broken dental implant that needs removing

Image of a broken mini dental implant

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