Baby bottle decay and white crowns

Baby bottle decay white crowns

How we fix baby bottle decay with white baby crowns

Baby bottle decay is a fairly common issue we see in very young children that drink juice from a baby bottle. It impacts the front four teeth the worst and can cause the the teeth be need a lot of dental work at a very young age.

So how to we fix baby bottle decay when it occurs?

When we see baby bottle decay on such young children we need quick action! It does not take long for these cavities to result in pain or even the need for removal! Besides the risk of pain and infection there is also the psycho-social aspects of not having any front teeth for many years. In the past metal crowns were the only option available. This lead to some kids being teased and picked on at school by others. Today we can use a completely ceramic crown that looks very real!

This stainless steel crown alternative is a zirconia pediatric white dental crown!

Sally’s story…

Sally was brought in by her mother when she saw brown stains on her daughter’s front teeth. Unfortunately these were not stain and we all decay. Sally was very young and our pediatric dentist and her parents knew she needed something that looked like real teeth. They knew that young kids need to feel confident about their smile therefore they choose our white kids crowns for her treatment.

Baby bottle decay was fixed with white kids crowns.
White kids crowns on the front four teeth.


Sally is really happy and thinks her teeth look “pretty” furthermore her parents are very happy with the natural looking result.

Have baby bottle decay and need some kids white crowns?

If your child has baby bottle decay, we can help! Do you now want something that will look natural for the next phase of your child’s life? We will help you the same as we help many families in the same situation. Dr. White is our pediatric dentist and offers sedation for children too young to complete the work while awake. To learn more about Dr. White check out his bio! Finally, just give us a call if you have any questions or check out our pediatric white dental crown page or our youtube channel!