Cheap all on 4

cheap all on 4

How to get a cheap all on 4 or how to get a cheaper all on 4

Cheap all on 4 is not really something that can happen in the US but there are ways to get a cheaper all on 4. To learn more about our all on 4 process click the link.

Cheap all on 4 tips to reduce your cost.

There are several things you can do to make getting an all on 4 cheaper. All of them have downsides.

  1. Go without a fixed temporary.
  2. Go without any temporary.
  3. Use cheap materials.
  4. Find a dental school that provides the service.
  5. Use cheap doctors and labs.
  6. Go overseas.

Go without a fixed all on 4 temporary and or go without any temporary.

If you currently have a denture, then that is a great opportunity to not get a new temporary while the dental implants are healing.

Downside of no temporary or no fixed all on 4 temporary.

The downside of this is simply that you are still wearing a removable for another 6 months.

Use cheaper materials for your all on 4 final prosthesis.

The cheapest all on 4 framework material for you to get is a metal or polymer, resin, or fiberglass framework. The non-metal option is cheaper to make but currently (2018) the only doctors using it are cutting edge and will not be cheap so metal is the way to go. Depending on lab the cheapest metal will be CrCo or titanium.

The cheapest option for the rest of the all on 4, the part you will see, is acrylic. The acrylic denture teeth come at different price points as well.

Downside of using cheaper materials.

You will have more complications and it will not look as nice. The cheap teeth, look cheap and unnatural. They look like a denture, that may not bother you though. The cheaper acrylic materials break and wear down more often. If you grind or clench your teeth, you will have problems like teeth breaking out.

Image of a cheap all on 4
Acrylic teeth will break out for a lot of all on 4 patients

Go overseas, find a dental school, or used cheap doctors for your all on 4.

All of these involve finding someone to do it cheaper. There are countless ways to provide this service at a cheaper price. You can go overseas and have the whole thing done. You can go to a dental school and have it done. Furthermore, you can find a dentist doing it very cheap as well.

Image of a cheaper all on 4
Cheaper all on 4 will often have design issues making them inferior. These are all custom built so what you get is never the same from office to office.

Downside of going to the cheaper all on 4 place.

You tend to get what you pay for and for a major expense like this it is often regretted later. Going overseas for a multiple appointment service like this means travel costs start to eat away at your savings. Plus you have no recourse if and when things go south. In addition few US dentists will help you when things go south because we have liability issues that the provider, being outside the country does not. You are basically forming a life long relationship with whoever does this.

Going to the cheapest doctor might be a good method for you if cost is your only concern. We are not the cheapest so if that is your main concern do not bother calling us. Beware there are often things left out when you see cheap prices advertised. You can find the whole process for under $20,000 and even under $15,000 in the US if you really look hard.

Finally, going to a dental school is the safest route in this group. The downside is it will take more time and you may have different doctors at different points as students leave. Also the price may be a little more than the cheap US doctors but often you are getting an excellent doctor overseeing the case at a dental school.