Little blue bump on lip

little blue bump on lip

Little blue bump on lip? What is that little blue bump on your lip?

Little blue bump on lip is a term some will use to search when they have a venous lake.

People often describe their venous lake as a little blue bump on lip.

So, what is a venous lake? A venous lake is a blood lesion that is typically found on the lip. They are fairly common and easy for use to treat. However, there are few locations that treat these lesions so we end up seeing patients from all over the country.

How do I remove the little blue bump on lip?

To remove a little blue bump from your lip you need to see your dentist or a dermatologist. It is our experience that very few are willing to treat these lesions, simply because they don’t have experience with them. Most dermatologists want to remove surgically and cutting these lesions out has a very poor success rate. We treat the venous lake lesion with one of our dental lasers.

What does a venous lake look like?

The venous lake looks like a little blue bump on your lip! Some are not so little but the majority are smaller than a quarter. Below you can see a fairly small venous lake and the post photo after treatment. This photo was taken two weeks after the laser treatment from the patient’s home. As you can see there is no evidence of anything ever being there! The patient is very happy with her treatment!


Image of little blue bump on lip treatment.
Before and after of a little blue bump treatment or more accurately a venous lake treatment.


Want to know more about venous lake treatment?

If you want to know more about our venous lake laser treatment check out our page that is all about venous lake treatment. The procedure is quick and predictable. We see patients from all across the country so no matter where you are we have a plan for your treatment.