Diabetic screening dental code

What is the diabetic screening dental code?

Diabetic screening dental code is D0411. It is new for 2018.

Diabetic screening dental code use.

We do not have an HbA1c monitor in the office but are considering getting one. From what I have read some plans pay for this but most do not. The cost is minimal though and we are considering using it for surgical patients as a screening tool, especially for dental implants.

The criteria we are setting up is to use it for patients over 40 years old who have not been see a medical doctor in over a year.

What does the diabetic screening dental code say?

D0411 says “HbA1c in-office point of service testing.”

Insurance payments for dental code D0411.

If anyone is submitting this dental code, please share what fee is being paid. Also how many plans are paying this. Thanks!

What devices test HbA1c?

The are many cheap options for testing HbA1c these days.

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