Food under all on 4

food trap under all on 4

Are you getting food under your all on 4?

Food under all on 4? We can fix the issue of getting food under your all on 4.

Cleaning under all on 4
Tartar build up under an uncleansable all on 4.

Why are you getting food under your all on 4?

This is a common issue seen with many of the acrylic all on 4 prosthesis out there. There are many options for the all on 4 but we usually only see this food issue with the cheaper acrylic ones. It is because there is an uncleansable area under your denture. It is a concave area and what you want is a flat area or better yet a convex surface.

Food under all on 4? We can help!

In one short visit Dr. Bauer can fix issues with the all on 4 implant supported denture. We can do this in one visit while you wait for it to be done, so you will not go any time period without your teeth.

Image of food under all on 4
Image of food under all on 4 and how the tissue looks

What is the cost to fix an all on 4 so food does not get under it?

We charge $600 per arch to remove the prosthesis and reshape it so that you are not getting the food debris under the all on 4. This does not include the cost of replacing any screws which needs to be done at some point if the prosthesis is coming on and off. My rule is if it comes off twice the screws we should use new screws. The cost of screw replacement is about $50-100 dollars per screw.

Food under all on 4 and can't clean
What an uncleansable all on 4 looks like. It smells much worse.

What is the dental code for fixing an all on 4 so food does not get under it?

The dental code for any dentists looking at this post is D6090. D6090 is the ADA dental code to repair implant supported prosthesis, by report. The procedure involves the repair or replacement of any part of the implant supported prosthesis. You can check what a fair fee in your area is from fair health consumer but this code is generic enough that it won’t be that helpful.

Food trap under all on 4
Food trap under all on 4 changed to a cleansable condition.

Step by step for fixing an all on 4 food trap

  1. First of all we remove the filling material in all the access holes and remove tape or cotton that should be protecting the screw.
  2. Remove prosthesis by unscrewing all screws.
  3. Evaluate the tissue to see which areas are the most inflamed.
  4. Remove flange areas and make the prosthesis either flat or preferably convex. We do this with an acrylic bur if the prosthesis is acrylic.
  5. Eliminate all or at least as many as possible concave areas.
  6. On the mandible the prosthesis can be a high water and not be touching tissue anywhere without issue. On the maxilla there can not be air space or the patient will have speaking issues.
  7. Next you need to polish the underside.
  8. Finally we reseat the all on 4, place your PTFE tape, and some sort of filling material.

How we fix the all on 4

What a formerly incleansable all on 4 looks like after we make it cleansable.

All on 4 made cleansable by removing excess acrylic.
The upper two photos show the before appearance with clear traps for plaque and food. The bottom view shows the finished product that the patient can clean under.