How to find a good dentist

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Tips on how to find a good dentist

Below is the text we have on a moving away page we give to patients that are leaving the area for good. Usually this is given to retired individuals that are moving away, but anyway can use these tips to help find a good dentist.

Finding a good dentist letter

We’re Gonna Miss You!

We are sad to hear that you are moving! We have been honored to have you and your family as patients and hope that you have enjoyed the care you received here as much as we enjoyed caring for you. With that thought in mind we sincerely want you to find a quality dental practice in your new community.

While there are many ways to go about finding a new dentist, none is guaranteed to provide you with the high quality dentistry that you seek. However, we believe this method to be better than throwing darts at the phone book!

1. We suggest you first ask people you meet that appear to have similar health care desires as you, who their dentist is and how happy are they.
2. Second we suggest investigating these doctors online by looking at their website and reading their bio. Are they involved in professional organizations? AGD is the most popular dental organization, other than the ADA. AGD focuses on keeping doctors up to date in dentistry and offers two levels of accomplishments so look for these; FAGD and MAGD.
3. Finally check to see if they own the practice. Does the office name have their name in it? No point in finding a great dentist and then have them leave soon. I really don’t trust corporate dental offices for many reasons, so I recommend to steer clear of anything that might be a corporation.

When you call the new dentist, they will likely ask you when your last cleaning and X-rays were. Give them an approximate date and ask them to call us to have your records sent over electronically.

We hope that if at any time in the future you have questions about your dental needs you will feel free to call or write us. We wish you health and happiness in your new home.

Date of last Prophylaxis and Examination:

Date of last Full Mouth X-rays or Panorex:

Date of last Bitewing X-rays:

Call for digital x-rays/records to be transferred 630-665-5550