Radiolucency on pano

What is that radiolucency on your pano?

Radiolucency on pano? What is it? I’m going to slowly update with more interesting finds. We also have a post with radio-opaque lesions on a pano with much of the same information.

A radiolucency found on pano is a regular finding in dentistry.

So what is the radiolucency that you found on the pano? Typically you can decide by location what the lesion is, but this is not always the case. Many need a biopsy


Radiolucency on pano – Dentigerous cysts

Dentigerous cysts, while being benign, can be very damaging because they continue to quietly grow and destroy bone. The surgery can be tricky as well as the tooth can be displaced to areas far from where it began, as seen below with tooth number 1.

Dentigerous cyst displacing a wisdom tooth.


Radiolucent lesion consistent with a dentigerous cyst

Radiolucent lesion consistent with a dentigerous cyst on a CBCT


Radiolucency on pano – Benign simple bone cyst

Pano of radiolucent simple bone cyst

Pano of radiolucent lesion and biopsy shows lesion is a benign simple bone cyst.

Radiolucency on pano – Pneumatized articular eminence

A pneumatized articular eminence presents as a multilocular radiolucency above the condyle. The red arrow with a #2 under it points to the pneumatized articular eminence. In this particular pano you can see a large section of the mastoid cells of the temporal bone as well, which have a red arrow and a number one under them.

An interesting study on the pneumatization of several skeletal bones and a better example of the pneumatized articular eminence are a few interesting things I was able to locate online. Prevalence is found to be 1-3% according to pano studies but up to 8% in a CT study.


Some pano labels and a great blog with lots of labels.



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