Gap between your front teeth?

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Need to close a gap between front teeth?

Do you have a gap between your front teeth? The gap may be on the bottom or but is more common on the top. Here you will find the options that you have to fix this issue.

Methods for closing the gap between front teeth.

There are several ways you can close the space between two or more lower front teeth. There are advantages and disadvantages to all of the methods that one should consider.

  1. Orthodontics will close gaps between lower front teeth and anywhere else.
  2. Composite fillings or esthetics bondings can close a lower front teeth gap.
  3. Dental crowns or veneers can also close a lower front tooth gap.

Orthodontics will close a front tooth gap.

Orthodontics or braces can close a gap almost anywhere. The advantageous of doing orthodontics to close a gap is that all of your teeth can be straight and in the right position. In comparison to the other options, it is more conservative treatment or less aggressive in terms of tooth destruction. The disadvantages are time and money because it both takes much longer and costs much more money. Overall this option is best if you are a younger person, say under 50.

Composite fillings can close gaps between front teeth.

Composite fillings work great for this problem if the gaps are not too big. The advantages of composite fillings is they are cheap and quick and can look pretty good. The downside is that they do not last as long and tend to start not looking so great after a number of years. Also they can increase the likelihood of getting decay on the teeth because as they age they tend to be less smooth and accumulate more plaque around them. They are best for someone on a budget or someone looking for the quick fix but that is aware they will likely need to be redone at some point. Bioclear is a great product for this.

Closing space between front teeth with white fillings.
This is one of the more common things we do to close the space in-between two front teeth. We use Bioclear for these procedures, which is like an injection molding system.
Closing space between front teeth with bonding.
You can see how natural these can look. While they do not hold up and last as long as veneers, they are less invasive and a better option for most young people.
Closing a front tooth gap with composite fillings.
Two composite fillings were done to close this gap.

Dental crowns or veneers can close the gap between teeth.

Crowns and veneers can close the space between front teeth as well. These tend to last longer and look better as they age. They are more expensive and risk future issues with the teeth like root canal and fracture. This is best for older individuals who are less likely to need a root canal and do not need the teeth to last 30+ more years.

Have a gap between front teeth?
Gap between lower front teeth that has dental crowns