Worn down teeth

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Case of the week

Do you have worn down teeth?

Worn down teeth, especially the front teeth, is a concern that many people have with the look of their smile. The reasons your teeth have worn down is likely multi-factorial but nearly all involve some sort of teeth grinding.

Before and after photos

Sharon was not loving her smile. Over the years it became more yellow and teeth were chipping. She also was not showing much of here teeth when smiling. Dr. Bryan was able to restore her smile to a more youthful, yet still natural look with crowns and veneers. We were all super happy with the results! This process takes about 4 weeks. You will have temporary crowns during that time period. You can see what the temporary trial smile looks like below. The trial smile allows us to test drive what the look will be before we get the final teeth. To see more cases like this you can check our dental veneers page or our cosmetic dentistry page.

Before and after of worn down teeth
These are the before and after pictures of a worn down smile that Dr. Bryan put veneers on.

What are the causes of worn down teeth?

Typically when someone has worn down front teeth there is at least one of the major two causes of tooth wear in play. The first reason is attrition, which is basically the grinding of the upper and lower teeth against each other. The second reason is erosion which is the wearing away due to acid. This is acid is often stomach acid or acidic drinks. If you want to know more about this topic you can check the ground down teeth blog.

How do we repair worn down teeth?

How to fix the smile when teeth have been worn down is the main question people care about when researching this topic. The answer is we have to build up the smile again. We do this with temporary crowns first to ensure the new bite works for you. Then we put in crowns or veneers.

Worn down front teeth with temporary crowns in place.
The middle photo shows the temporary crowns that Sharon wore for a few weeks while waiting for the finals.

How do you prevent teeth from being worn down?

You can protect teeth from being ground down with a night guard. The grinding habit does not go away but instead you grind on the plastic guard instead of your own teeth. Alternatively you can use Botox as this will weaken your muscles that allow you to grind with such intensity.