ADA codes 2019

ADA dental codes

ADA code changes for 2019

The new ADA dental codes are out for 2019!

What are the ADA code changes for 2019?

There are a few new codes, some revisions, and some codes that are unnecessary IMHO.

ADA dental procedure codes for 2019

Diagnostic code changes for 2019

We now have a blood glucose level test code for those of you checking your diabetic or at risk patients. The code is D0412.

Preventative code changes

There are 4 new codes but they are simply adding mandibular and maxillary terms to bilateral space maintainers. D1516 and D1517 replace D1515 and D1526 and D1527 replace D1525.

Prosthodontics removable codes changes

D5281 for Nesbit partial was made into D5282 and D5283, by making a mandibular and maxillary code. There is a new code, D5876, for adding a metal substructure to a full denture. This could be useful to those doing dentures that are in network and looking for a code to bill the patient outside of the contract.

Adjunctive dental code changes for 2019

The occlusal guard is now 3 distinct codes broken broken down into hard D9944, soft D9945, and partial arch D9946. I assume the partial arch is things like the NTi. There is a TMJ management code, D9130, for physical therapy. A new code for infiltration of a drug that you use for long lasting pain control, D9613, I think liposomal bupivacaine is the only one. There is also now a dental code for duplicating a patient’s records, D9961. While you can charge for this, I see no reason insurance would pay this so why make a code for it? Also there is a code for translation and sign-language, D9990, which patients are legally entitled to.