Laser gingivectomy

too much gum covering tooth laser gingivectomy

Looking for laser gingivectomy treatment?

Laser gingivectomy is the same treatment as traditional gingivectomy except that we use a laser. In our office we use a Solea CO2 laser which is the best laser on the dental market for both hard and soft tissue. It is also the most expensive by far so not many offices will have it.

Minor case of before and after gingivectomy.

What is laser gingivectomy treatment?

A gingivectomy is the removal, ectomy, of the gingiva with a laser. There are other ways to remove gingiva that include scalpel, bur, and electrosurge. Having all options in our hands we vastly prefer the power of our CO2 Solea laser. The final results with all methods are likely to be similar but with the laser the immediate results are much easier to see because the laser is so good at cauterizes and the tissue heals so well with the laser. For example, below you see a laser gingivectomy immediately after we are done. There is clearly very little bleeding at all from the surgery.

Before and immediately after photo of a laser gingivectomy treatment for a gummy smile.

What is the cost of a laser gingivectomy?

This depends on the number of teeth that you want us to treat. You can use the dental codes below to look for cost in your zip code on the fair health consumer website. We charge around $1,100 in 2019 for four or more teeth, which most esthetic cases are. If there are 3 or fewer teeth then we charge around $950 in 2019. If you have dental insurance it may help but since this is often esthetic elective surgery, it usually does not cover anything.

What about when the gums overgrow the teeth when you have braces on?

We can treat that as well but often the puffy overgrown gums are do to the fact that oral hygiene is pretty poor with braces on.

We can treat inflamed gums from braces with laser gingivectomy.

What is the laser gingivectomy recovery like?

The best thing about the laser is the minimal recovery issues that patients have. There is little not no pain and things heal up within a couple weeks. You can see several examples of what things look like immediately after using the laser on this page and on our gummy smile page.

The first photo is before laser treatment, the second is immediately after two fillings and laser treatment, and the third is the healing in 2 weeks.

What is the dental code for a laser gingivectomy?

There are three dental codes for gingivectomy. D4210 is the dental code for a gingivectomy for 4 or more contiguous teeth or spaces per quadrant. The next code is D4211 and is the same as the previous but for less teeth, specifically 3 or less. Finally, the last gingivectomy dental code is D4212 and is done with a restorative procedure like a crown or filling.

Gingivectomy before and after photos

To see before and after gingivectomy pictures simply review this page, the gummy smile page, and our cosmetic dentistry page.