Microwave denture

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Can I microwave my denture? – How to microwave dentures.

Can you microwave a denture? Well, not only can you, but you probably should to help clean it! However, with newer materials coming out all the time it is hard to say with any certainty if your  particular denture has research behind it and is safe. The vast majority of dentures today are still acrylic and that is the material that is safe to microwave.

Steps to microwave your denture or how to microwave dentures.

  1. Be SURE there is NO METAL in your denture!!! You can not use a partial denture or a denture that has any metal on the inside or outside of it. Please check very carefully and if you are unsure ask your dentist!
  2. Place the denture in any microwave safe dish and fill with water until the denture is completely under the water.
  3. Place a paper-towel or rag over the dish or bowl to prevent boiling water from splashing all over.
  4. Microwave the container on high for three minutes.
  5. Pour out the water and allow the denture to cool naturally in the air.

Will microwaving my denture hurt the denture?

No, it will not impact the color, shape, size or longevity of the denture.

Microwave denture research

There is some good research on the effects of microwaving a denture and it all looks good! Martinez-Serna JPD 2022 uses hydrogen peroxide as a solution for microwaving.

Can I microwave my denture and microwave denture tips.