Black triangle bioclear

bioclear black triangle front teeth

Closing a black triangle with Bioclear

Black triangle treatment with Bioclear is straight forward and easy treatment with predictable results. To see more before and after Bioclear black triangle treatments click the link.

What is Bioclear?

Bioclear is a brand name of a dental matrix system we use that have the proper shape built in. They replace generic flat mylar strips that many dentists use today and that almost all had initial training with. The system is FAR superior to the generic system when it comes to quality of bond they allow and in terms of esthetics as well.

Black triangle treatment with Bioclear on the front teeth.

What is a black triangle?

A black triangle is the space that forms in-between teeth due either to gum recession of that exists because teeth are out of alignment. It is purely an esthetic issue but if you have one it can really bother you.

How do we treat black triangles with Bioclear?

There are many ways that one can treat a black triangle and to know all the different options on can check out our closing black triangle treatment options page. However, we treat most of them very effectively with the Bioclear system. The area is given some topical numbing gel and sometimes an injection to numb the gums. Next we roughen the area with either a micro sand roughener or a diamond bur. The rest of the steps are similar to how we do dental composites except the composite is warm and uses an injection technique.

What is the cost for Bioclear black triangle treatment?

In 2019 we charge around $500 per tooth. This amount can vary but that is going to be very close for most people. However, smaller black triangles do cost less to fix but the difference is not significant. To check a fee in your area you can go to the fair health consumer website and type in dental code D 2995, although this is not the exact dental code the fee will likely be very similar.

Case study for black triangle treatment with Bioclear

Sarah came to us with a black space between the front two teeth that she hated her whole life. She was unfamiliar with the options and thought orthodontics or veneers were the only option. We told her we thought we could get great results with our bonding system and that they would be similar to composite veneers but not as invasive.

Closing a black triangle with Bioclear.
Closing a black triangle with Bioclear.

Long story short we got Sarah back in the next week and now the black triangles are gone! We were both very happy with the results. If you have black triangles and want to get some treatment options and costs for your situation feel free to give us a call! We’ll get you in right away for a consult with Dr. Bauer!