Edge dental veneer showing

Gum recession will cause the edge of a dental veneer to show, so how can we fix?

The edge or margin of a dental veneer will show as time goes on because gum recession is very common occurrence as we age.

How can we fix the edge of a dental veneer showing?

There are 3 ways that we can fix this issue. Each method has advantages and disadvantages to it, so it is up to you and your dentist to decide.

  1. Replace the dental veneer with a new dental veneer.
  2. Place some bonding over the area.
  3. Do a tissue grafting procedure.
  4. A removable prosthetic appliance, called an epithesis or gingival veneer.

Fixing a dental veneer margin with a new dental veneer.

This is simply cutting off the old veneer and replacing it with a new dental veneer.

The edges of two denatl veneers were showing and we replaced with two new dental veneers.

We put two new dental veneers on the teeth that had two old dental veneers with the edges showing.

Advantages of a new dental veneer

  • The entire restoration will be porcelain which is strong and beautiful.
  • If there is some other esthetic issue can address that at same time.
  • If there is decay, can address this at same time.

Disadvantages of a new dental veneer

  • Costs are high, usually running $1500-2000 per tooth.
  • It is hard to match one single veneer to other teeth. Sometimes impossible depending on the level of perfection you desire.
  • The recession can occur again and can occur immediately after as the trauma of the procedure can cause new gum recession.
  • Every time we cut on a tooth we increase chances for things like root canals.
  • Takes multiple visits.

Fixing the edge of dental veneer with bonding.

We can bond a white filling to the area and over the top of the veneer to make the veneer appear to go all the way to the gumline.

Fixing the exposed edge of a dental veneer. Edge dental veneer showing?

Gum recession results in the edge of a dental veneer being seen and we can fix this with a little bonding. This picture is immediately after so the gum is a little irritated but will be better in a day.

Advantages of just doing some bonding

  • Bonding is the cheapest and easiest option.
  • Bonding is done in one visit.
  • Can change and adjust color and shape very quickly and easily.

Disadvantages of using bonding to fix the edge of dental veneer.

  • Bonding to the porcelain portion can start to stain over the years and need polishing or repair.
  • May not look (texture wise) and may not feel exactly the same.

Fixing the edge of dental veneer with gum recession with a gum grafting procedure.

Replacing the lost gum tissue can be done with a surgical procedure known as gum grafting. There are several methods that can accomplish this and what is best will be left up to your doctor’s preference and experience.

Advantages of gum grafting to treat recession

  • If get perfect results you are restoring yourself back to what the original tooth was like.

Disadvantages of gum grafting to fix the edge of dental veneer.

  • On the more expensive side, similar cost to a dental veneer.
  • Rarely are the same doctors great at gum grafting and dental veneers which means their will be two cooks in the kitchen, so to speak.
  • Can be painful as it is a sift tissue surgical procedure.
  • Requires multiple visits and has a healing period of weeks.
  • May not get the results you want and can actually make it worse.
  • In a highly esthetic situation the variable of your body healing makes this somewhat risky.

Fixing the edge of a dental veneer that is showing with a removable prosthesis.

The gingival veneer is a piece of silicone or other material that hides the problem by mimicing gum tissue. The terms “gingivamol”, party gums or epithesis may be seen online.

Advantages of gum grafting to treat recession

  • Cheaper than a veneer or gum graft
  • Non-invasive
  • Would work best when need something for many teeth, as can cover as many teeth as you need.

Disadvantages of gum grafting to fix the edge of dental veneer.

  • Removable so may not always stay in place all that well.
  • Hard to find anyone that knows how to make one.
  • In my mind these would be the least esthetic and least desirable, so therefore is more like a last resort.

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