Yellow spot on tooth

yellow spot on tooth

Do you have a yellow spot on your tooth?

A yellow spot on your tooth is definitely something that a dentist can fix for you.

What is the yellow spot?

If it has always been there then there is a good chance it is enamel hypominerlization. However, if the yellow stain is newer than it is likely a stain or a white filling whose color is now off. If it is just a stain a dental hygienist may be able to remove with a good dental cleaning and polishing. If it a composite filling the dentist may be able to polish it back.

Things that cause fillings and teeth to stain yellow.

Hypomineralization forms at very young ages and there are various likely culprits. The why for those is not very important. As for stains, one thing that causes really bright yellow staining is turmeric. That is not nearly as common as the other major causes though. The major ones are smoking, coffee, and tea.

How do we fix teeth with a yellow spot?

Well if polishing it does not work then we will often place a composite over the area. This is a fairly cheap, in dental terms anyway, procedure and if the area is small can be done without numbing.

Yellow spot on tooth fixed with white filling.
We remove the yellow spot and place a white filling.

What is the cost to fix a yellow spot?

Well if there is just one and it is small then a white filling will take care of it. The costs range from a few hundred to maybe 5 or 6 hundred, depending on the size of the area. Very large areas, often back teeth, may need a crown. Crowns cost significantly more and can run up to around $2,000. Many people will unfortunately have at least 4 teeth that have stains if the stain is from hypomineralization.