Venous lake healing

Venous lake healing time

Venous lake healing time varies from person to person. This is one of the top questions people want to know so we will cover some of the factors here. To learn much more about these lesions check out our venous lake page.

Venous lake healing time factors

There are many factors that impact how long a venous lake will take to heal. They vary with your healing ability, the way you take care of the area, the size of the lesion, and let’s call the last category luck. For healing ability in general younger people heal faster than older people and some people heal faster than others. Diabetes and other conditions and medications and drugs can slow healing down. How you take care of the area will determine to a small extent how well it heals. To learn more about how to take care of the lesion check out our venous lake page.

The size of your lesion will also play a major role in how quickly you heal. The bigger and deeper it is the longer it will take to heal. Finally there is the luck factor. I consider it bad luck to get an infection in the area, as it happens in only about 1% of the cases. However, the infection will double the healing time and require us to intervene with the laser a second time.

So how long does it take to heal?

We tell patients that the typical time is 2-3 weeks. A large lesion or someone with medical issues can take 4 weeks to heal completely. If you are really unlikely and get an infection then it will be 2-4 weeks from the time we treat the infection. Usually if you get an infection we find it sometime between week 1 and 2 so add that time to the healing time.

Examples of healing venous lakes.

The majority of our patients travel to see us, so it is difficult for us to monitor the healing. We rely on patients updating us via phone, email, and text. Several patients document their healing with series of photos and send them to us. Again, more information can be found on our venous lake page!

Venous lake healing time period photos

This time line for healing of a venous lake is on the faster end. Although it looks large here, the actual lesion is smaller, thus the faster healing. It looks large because her lesion ruptured and got infected. What you see is mostly the infection on top of the lesion. We removed the infection and the lesion at the same time.


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