ADA codes 2020

ADA dental code 2020

ADA dental code changes for 2020

Information about new ADA code changes for 2020. 2019 codes are in another post.

What are the changes this year?

A lot of the changes have to do with re-cementing space maintainers or orthodontic appliances and could have been left the same. Many deal with titanium crowns, which I suppose we need.

The ADA 2020 dental code book is out.

Diagnostic ADA code changes

We have a code for salivary flow measurement now. It is D0419.

Preventive and Orthodontic dental code changes for 2020

These dental codes all deal with re-cementing and removing space maintainers. We now have them for specific arches which is probably not something that we need.

Restorative Implant and Pros changes

Many of these deal with titanium being an option for the metal work. Under the implant section there is a whole series for implant supported crowns which are useful for one piece implants like many of the zirconia implant systems.

Removable dental code changes

There are now unilateral  removable denture codes for the newer materials like Duraflex.

Oral surgery ADA code update

This one is a useful code but I doubt insurance companies are going to pay on it. The placement of intra-socket dressing to aid in hemostasis and clot stabilization is now code D7922.