White bump in a baby’s mouth

small white bump in babys mouth

Did you find a small white bump in your baby’s mouth or on your baby’s gums?

A white bump in your baby’s mouth or on their gums is almost always going to be a benign keratinous cyst. That means it is nothing to worry about and it will go away on it’s on.

What are the small white bumps in your baby’s mouth?

They are likely milia, which are benign, keratinous cysts that commonly look like tiny white heads on the face of newborn babies. When these milia are present in the mouth they are known as Bohn nodules or Epstein pearls.

What are Bohn nodules?

That is the name given to the cysts if they form on the gums of your baby. An example of a small white bump in your baby's mouth, also known as a Bohn's nodule

What are Epstein pearls?

That is then name given to the cysts if they form on the palate or roof of the mouth of your baby.


What should you do about these cysts in your baby’s mouth?

Nothing they will go away on their own. Keratin is what hair and nails are made of and this is somewhat similar. There is no need to see a dentist for this, some may not even know what it is because they are unimportant. A pediatric dentist will likely be able to identify it for you very easily though. As we mentioned though, you should be able to diagnosis this yourself with the help of an image internet search for the terms Bohn nodule or Epstein pearl.

How do these Bohn nodules and Epstein pearl cysts go away?

The cysts grow and rupture on their own over the course of 2 weeks to 5 months. They are most often gone by the time a baby is 3 months of age. However, older babies can get them and they can last longer, it’s just rarer.