Stitch out

dental stitch fell out

Dental stitch fell out, now what?

Dental stitch fell out and you don’t know what to do? Well you will need to contact your dentist to know for sure if that is OK or not. However, we can tell you in general what you need to do and if it is OK.

Are you sure it’s a dental stitch?

It probably is if you think it is. However, maybe it is something else. Also there are some stitches we place that dissolve and will come out and some that we want to stay in.

Dental stitch fell out? Now what?
A PTFE dental stitch that fell out. This one is easier because the knot is still there. Most will not still have the knot.

Is it OK that the dental stitch fell out?

That really depends on what you had done and how long ago it was.

How long ago was your surgery?

No matter what was done the more healing that has occurred the less likely it is that losing a stitch will matter. In other words, the later the better.

What kind of dental surgery did you have?

For a dental implant the stitch coming out a little early is probably fine. However, if there was bone grafting done at the time of the dental implant then that may be a problem. If the stitch fell out after an extraction, then as long as 2 or 3 days have past, it’s almost certainly fine. If you had major bone grafting by itself or some sort of soft tissue grafting, then a stitch coming out can be a big problem. No matter what it is likely best to call your dental office and let them know.

What do dental stitches look like?

There are far too many kinds of stitches in use in dentistry to even give you an answer on this one. However, the most common will be either black, white, purple, and flesh colored. PTFE is one of the most common and it is always white. Silk is another common suture and is black. There are several purple sutures. Gut sutures are flesh colored.