Pediatric dental medication

Pediatric dental medication

What is the correct pediatric dental medication for the child?

Pediatric dental medication will depend on the weight of the child. That and any allergies are the two most important pieces of information you will need to write a pediatric RX. Personally I have found the easiest method to write a script for a child is to use an app. Dental Drugs and DentalMeds are my favorite but Pedi QuikCalc is good too.

Pediatric dental medication from the app DentalMeds

Antibiotics for children with dental infection.

The most common is Amoxicillin 125mg/5ml or 250mg/5ml depending on their weight. Remember most infections we can and should eliminate surgically and reduce our overuse of antibiotics.

Amoxicillin 125mg/5ml

Disp: 150 ml

Sig: 1 tsp q8h for 7 days

Penicillin VK is written the same way. Clindamycin is for those with allergies to amoxicillin or similar.

Clindamycin 75mg/5ml

Disp: 150ml

Sig: 1 tsp 8h for 7 days

Prescription pain medication for children

Alternating Tylenol and Advil is very effective and really all many need. However, when that is not enough codeine is the next level. Again child weight is critical and you should check for the proper dose for the child’s weight.

Acetaminophen w/ Codeine (125mg/12mg codeine)/5ml

Disp: 150 ml

Sig: 1 tsp q8h prn pain

Fluoride for children

We have an entire post on fluoride for children.

Prescription pediatric dental medications and proper dosages

Patients should always follow their pediatric dentist’s recommendations in terms of dosing. Dentist’s should rely on apps, charts, or drug reference guides that utilize the child’s weight to avoid any errors.