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Thinking about getting a tooth gem?

Tooth gems can be a fun non-permanent way to personalize your smile!

What does a tooth gem cost?

How do we place tooth gems?

We use the same bonding steps that a dentists uses when placing a white filling or braces. There is a weak acid that etches the tooth. Then a bonding agent helps connect the tooth to a resin that the gem sits in. Most gems have a backing that has lots of surface texture. This surface texture allows the resin to grab onto the gem. When you decide to remove the the tooth gem a dentist can pop it off for you and polish up your tooth. There is no cutting of your tooth and you do not need to get numb. You will not feel anything during this process. It is very similar to getting braces on but only for one tooth, instead of all of your teeth.

Who can place a tooth jewelry?

Anyone can place some tooth jewelry for you, including you! However, like most things in life, the people with the most experience will do a better job. No one has more experience bonding teeth than dentists but that does not mean only a dentist can do it. Putting people in order of least likely to most likely to do a good job it goes you if you try yourself, a tattoo artist, a general dentist, and then a cosmetic dentist. If someone is advertising that they do them they are likely pretty good at it, no matter what their profession is.

Tooth gem before and after photos.

Who can get tooth jewelry?

Anyone can but most people are young adults from later teenagers to in their twenties. They are most common among young women. However, as you can see below men can get them too and we see football players and other athletes are the ones doing it.

A tooth gem for men?

What does a tooth gem cost?

That depends who is placing your tooth gem, how much the jewelry itself cost, and where you live. A dentist will be the most expensive and likely charge a couple hundred dollars, plus the costs of the gem itself. We currently only offer this service to existing patients.

Images of a tooth gem.

Where do I buy tooth gems?

You can bond almost anything to your tooth. However, the jewelry made specifically for teeth will last longer on your tooth. We like the selection that Twinkles has and that is who we use.