ADA dental codes 2021

ada dental codes 2021

ADA dental code changes for 2021

Information about new ADA code changes for 2021. 2020 codes are in another post.

What are some of the major changes this year?

There are some COVID changes. A lot of new codes about taking x-rays but not reading them. Nomenclature changes like changing chairside to direct and lab to indirect. The word clasp is being changed in some spots as well as top be more encompassing.

Diagnostic and preventative code changes

There are a couple of pathogen testing codes added for both COVID but also any future outbreak. This is the section with a lot of new codes for taking x-rays but not reading them. Oral cancer screenings are not optional for a comprehensive oral evaluation anymore, they are part of your COE. The word implants was added to prophy visits.

D0604 antigen testing

D0605 antibody testing

Endodontics dental code changes for 2021

The codes added all revolve around apical surgery. Three of the codes are for repair of root resorption and three are codes for surgical access without repairing or apico.

Dental implant code changes

The dental code for a semi-precision attachment abutment was broken into two codes. There is now a code for placing the abutment portion on the implant and the other code if for the receiving portion of the semi-precision attachment on the removable prosthesis.  This changes some codes for locator dentures and possibly bar overdentures.

D6191 Placement of the semi-precision abutment on the implant body.

D6192 Placement of semi-precision attachment to the removable prosthesis.

OMFS ADA dental code changes for 2021

Frenulectomy was split into two codes.

D7961 buccal/labial frenectomy

D 7962 lingual frenectomy