Veneers for receding gums

dental veneers for receding gums before and after replacement veneers of tetracycline stain

Replacement of old porcelain veneers with new dental veneers for receding gums

Dental veneers for receding gums is a great way to fix your smile. There are other ways to treat receding gums like a tunnel graft but if you are looking for new smile veneers is the way to go.

Sara is the case of the week this week. She now has new dental veneers for her receding gums.

Sara originally came to see us with the complaint that you could see the edges of her old dental veneers. When the edge of one or two dental veneers is showing we can replace it pretty easily. Sara’s case became a little more complex because one of the teeth broke off at the gumline! At the end of the day we are all really happy with her new smile.

Before and after phtoos of treatment with dental veneers for receding gums.
Before and after photos of our treatment for Sara. We went with new veneers to replace her old veneers and gum recession.

Sara has tetracycline staining and the original veneers are decades old. We use veneers to hide the stain and on the previous link you can see some other cases of this. In this situation with the broken tooth we did a surgical extrusion of the broken tooth so that we could add the veneer. This extra step requires several months of healing but fortunately we were able to put a temp tooth over the area during the healing.

How do we replace dental veneers?

Since the teeth already have veneers the treatment tends to be less invasive. The steps we take are on our dental veneers page.

Are veneers good for receding gums?

Dental veneers are a great option to treat receding gums. There is a limit to what they can cover but for most cases this is a very good solution. Another solution is some sort of gum grafting but that definitely has some limitations. Tunnel grafting, when it works well, is a great option.

Will veneers help receding gums?

If you are asking this because you want to know whether or not veneers help prevent receding gums then the answer is no. They will not hurt either. Gum recession occurs slowly over time and is highly genetic. If someone has thin bone over their teeth they will likely get recession with time.