Orantral fistula repair

oral antral fistula

Orantral fistula repair techniques

Orantral fistula repairs can be challenging and the best thing to do is avoid them from occurring in the first place.

What is an orantral fistula?

An oroantral fistula is a connection or opening between the oral cavity and the maxillary sinus.

Causes of orantral fistulas.

While these can be developmental, most seen in a dental office will be a combination or a dental infection, osteomyelitis, or radiation therapy in concurrence with trauma or an iatrogenic complication.

Techniques to repair an orantral fistula.

Traditionally the repositioning of a buccal fat pad is the primary surgical technique to close an orantral fistula.

Another method is to repair it the same way one repairs a tear during implant surgery. That involves lifting the membrane and placing a collagen membrane under it. Some use PRF membranes in a similar fashion. Al-Juboori 2018

Orantral fistula repair technique