Cantilever dental bridge

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Cantilever dental bridge for a missing space

Cantilever dental bridge is exactly as the name implies. It is a bridge that does not have a connection on both sides of the missing tooth. They can be in the front and back but typically the cantilever is going to be a premolar if we use this style of bridge in the back.

What is the ADA cantilever dental bridge code?

This is a common search term so we will answer that question first. The ADA code for these types of bridges is the same as regular bridges. There is the retainer crown code that runs from D6710 to D6793. The PFM code is 6752 for noble metal. Sometimes you double abutt cantilever bridges and thus have two D6752 codes. Next is the pontic code, which is D6205 to D6253. The PFM pontic code is D6242 for noble metal. There are also a lot of retainer codes for both inlays and onlays. Although not common for a cantilever bridge, if there is a wing, the dental code is D6545 for metal and D6548 for porcelain.

Photo of an anterior cantilever dental bridge.
An anterior cantilever dental bridge with a wing similar to those for Marlyand bridges for a little extra support. We do not bond or cement this wing to the tooth adjacent. We do not recommend doing this unless the wing is against something that does not decay like a porcelain crown.

Can you do a cantilever dental bridge for a front tooth.

Due to the fact the front teeth take less force this a nice option for someone who needs a dental crown on the tooth next to the space. A cantilever dental bridge for your front teeth is also a nice option

Before and after image of a front tooth cantilever dental bridge.

Do we use them for back teeth?

Yes you can. Typically this will have 2 teeth for a double abutment. In the posterior the risks are higher because forces are higher. It makes patient selection more important.

What about a cantilever bridge for a molar?

We do not see these very often but they can work. Before dental implants, or sinus lifts, the most common spot for these would be a double abutment cantilever bridge for the upper first molar.

What is the average cost for a cantilever dental bridge?

The cost for a cantilever dental bridge is going to be whatever the cost of a dental crown is times how ever many teeth the dentist includes. So a cantilever with just one abutment tooth will cost the same as 2 dental crowns. You can find the cost for your local zip code on fair consumer health. Type in the dental code D6752 and then multiply that by the number of teeth. The cost of a dental crown in our office in 2022 is around $1600 so a two tooth cantilever dental bridge is around $3500 in our office. There may be other costs, such as extracting a tooth or building up the retaining tooth. Another cost may be for a retaining arm or wing.

Photos and x-rays of cases.

Cantilever bridge or just a tooth that rotted away.
This was an image from a dental group where dentists were mocking the treatment planning of the dentist who would make sure a huge cantilever bridge. However, it is clear that the posterior most pontic simply rotted away as the bridge design shows that that tooth once existed.

Cantilever dental bridge pros and cons

The advantages of using this style of bridge is that you can place a tooth in area would not be able to without a dental implant. Another advantage is that you can cut down one less tooth, thus making it less invasive. This option is cheaper, quicker, and easier than a dental implant. The disadvantages is that it is not as strong as other options like a traditional bridge or a dental implant. It still requires cutting into one tooth in comparison to zero for a dental bridge.

Cantilever bridge teeth

The teeth that we use for this have crowns we call retainer crowns.

Dental implant versions exist as well

If you are looking for cantilever bridges off of a dental implant check out our page on that!