Gum graft around implants

What are the options for a gum graft around dental implants?

Gum graft around dental implants are something we do to increase the amount of healthy thick keratinized tissue.

When is a gum graft around a dental implant beneficial?

Although there is some debate on the issue, many believe thick keratinized tissue is beneficial to healthy long term problem and pain free survival of a dental implant.

What kinds of grafts do we use?

The two most common types of graft to gain keratinized tissue are a free gingival graft and a collagen matrix graft. The procedures are basically the same. The advantages of the collagen is no donor site and no limitation in amount available. The disadvantages are that there will be less gain consistently so must overdue the surgery. A common collagen for this type of procedure is Mucograft.

What are the best steps for a gum graft around a dental implant?

The best technique seems to be a split thickness apically repositioned flap with either a free gingival graft or a sub-epithelial connective tissue graft.

Gum grafting around a dental implant

Great documentation of steps from Mumbai periodontist.

  1. Split thickness flap
  2. Suture flap apically
  3. Harvest gingival graft or place Mucograft
  4. Suture that in place

Free gingival flap around dental implants

When can we do a gum graft for a dental implant?

The best time to increase the quantity of healthy thick tissue is before we place a dental implant. However, that doesn’t always happen and sometimes we need to do that grafting after.

There are many ways to increase tissue with grafting. The free gingival graft and the apically repositioned flap are the most common methods.

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