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ADA dental code updates for 2022

ADA dental code updates by category. Most of the changes are nomenclature or grammar and we will not discuss those changes.

Endodontic code changes for 2022

A new code for the temporary we place after doing a root canal now exists. The code is D3911. Also a dental code for decoronation and submergence of a tooth exists now. That code is D3921.

Periodontic dental code changes

The splint codes are different now. D4320 and D4321 are gone and D4322 and D4323 replaced them.

Removable prosthodontics dental code changes

New codes are immediate flexible base partials D5227 and D5228. There is a new dental code to rebase a hybrid denture, D5725. The is also an indirect soft reline code, D5765.

Oral surgery dental code changes

There are three new codes for the removal of TADs. D7298, D7299, and D7300 are codes for the removal of TADs or the plates that go with them.

Orthodontics code changes

This is the area causing the most confusion. They dropped some of the most commonly used codes.

Adjunctive services dental codes changes for 2022

Some new custom sleep apnea codes involving fabrication, adjusting and repairing exist now.

The ADA makes our dental codes. ADA dental codes from last year.