Abutment fracture

zirconia fragment tool

The abutment of either a titanium or zirconia can fracture

Dental implant abutment fractures can happen. There is certain situations that are more common.

Zirconia dental implant abutments are far more likely to fracture

Dentaltown thread on when a zirconia abutment breaks

Zirconia abutment fracture on a dental implant.

JPD study from 2017 from Saponaro showing the novel use of a plastic perio probe to rock the piece back and forth.

Another dentaltown thread showing the use of a small implant removal tool.

Titanium abutment fracture is more rare but can also occur.

We have a lot of dental implants in our practice and we have only seen this type of fracture once. However, there will always be something that can break and this is far better than the implant flowering!

Dental implant abutment fracture.

3i abutment finger fracture

This is a more common one we see with 3i. The fingers are small and help the abutment click into place. However, if there is a loose screw the part can easily break. We have seen several and abutments seem to still work fine with one missing.

Here you can see a missing finger on the 3i dental implant abutment.

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