White spot removal

remove white spots on teeth

How do you remove white spots on teeth?

To remove white spots on teeth we need to remove the enamel and replace it in some manner.

Methods for tooth removal of the white spot.

The main methods for enamel removal is mechanical or chemical. Chemical removal is often called microabrasion. This technique is nice for very minor white spots that are not deep. The mechanical removal is the same method dentists use to place all white fillings.

Which method is better?

The method that works best for an individual will depend on the depth of the white spot. The chemical method can not remove deep white spots. It is best for individuals that have many small minor shallow white spots on their teeth. It can require multiple visits which is not ideal for anyone. Deeper white spots do not respond as well to the chemical methods. They typically need mechanical removal in order to fully remove the white spot or get deep enough that the bonding can mask the color.

Why do white spots form?

Some are from poor formation of the tooth itself where the outer layer never fully mineralizes properly. This is known as hypoplasia. These ones tend to be deeper and require the mechanical removal method. The individual below has an example of this type of white spot. We remove the outer layer of decalcified enamel and replace it with white bonding.

The other way we see a lot of white spots is from poor oral hygiene. This is more common during braces because it is harder to clean around the braces and the age group tends to not be very responsible about taking care of themselves. The white spots that form from orthodontics tend to be shallower and respond well to the chemical method of repair. Since these white spots form from poor oral hygiene they are preventable. Also, they are sometimes reversible with at home methods as long as they are shallow enough.

Dental code for the removal of a white spot.

The dental code is the same for any bonding dental code if you are removing the white spot mechanically. If you are doing the microabrasion the dental code is D9970. This code is per visit and depending on the depth of the white spot and how much you want to remove, there may be many visits. This is why we prefer the mechanical method. Get the job done!