Venous lake healing time

venous lake healing time

How long is the venous lake healing time?

Venous lake healing time varies due to many factors. Some of those are known and some are unknown. To learn more about our venous lake treatments check out our link!

What is the typical healing time for a venous lake?

We tell al our patient that the healing period after your treatment is 2-3 weeks for the scab to fall off and another week or so for the area to heal to the point where it’s very difficult to see anything. That is the case for the vast majority of people that we treat. Below is a pretty standard healing time. You can see another example of a pretty standard venous lake healing period on this case.


What sort of things delay the healing?

Things that we can not control for are your bodies ability to heal. This means if you are young and healthy it will likely heal faster than if you are older and for example have uncontrolled diabetes. Another issue with healing is if you pick at it. We instruct all patients to leave the scab alone and let the body do it’s thing. If you are a lip biter or a picker you will cause issues and delay healing.

What can you do to help the healing process?

We provide our patients with a syringe of hydrogen peroxide to disinfect the area twice a day and a syringe of vitamin E oil to aid in healing. The hydrogen peroxide is critical to ensure you do not get an infection in the area. With proper care using the hydrogen peroxide we have never seen an infection. We have seen them when patients skip or do not use the hydrogen peroxide. Infections can result in the need for additional treatment so we revive the cleaning process thoroughly with our patients.

Rest is also important. Although this is a very minor surgery, proper rest, hydration, and nutrition impact your bodies ability to heal.


What about very large venous lakes?

If the lesion is very large we say add about another week or two to the healing time period. The healing period does vary on the size of the venous lake lesion. Therefore, the bigger it is, the longer the healing time will be. The 2-3 weeks will apply to anyone with a lesion less than about 1/3 of the entire lip. That is the vast majority of patients we treat.

What is the healing period? What actually is happening?

Rather than go through all of that we will provide a link. The healing of this treatment is the same as a second degree burn.