Occlusal analysis device

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What is an occlusal analysis device?

Occlusal analysis devices measure the sequence of occlusal contact and the force of the occlusal contacts.

What systems for occlusal analysis are available?

This technology is not widely in use in dentistry. Part of the reason is cost and part of the reason is the lack of need for the type of precision that it can provide. Dentists mostly use some variation of occlusal film paper to mark contacts. Sound and feel from the dentist and the patient are also subjective tests that dentists use to check occlusion.

The T-scan or Tekscan is from the Maness company and is the original occlusal analysis device. A newer device, the Accura from Dmetec, is now also on the market.

What system works best?

There is not a lot of research on either system and even less comparing the two. Lee JPD 2022 shows that both systems are excellent in regards to measuring occlusal forces. Both systems also exhibit excellent repeatability.

Why don’t more dentists use an occlusal analysis device?

Primarily because there is not a need. One issue is that the human bite is adaptable and changes with time. So any given measurement taken on someone today will change. The forces that someone can generate with their bite will vary with how much bite force they exert on the different side. So while the measurements can be repeatable they can also vary if the patient tries to change it.