severe hypoplasia x-ray

What is hypoplasia of the teeth?

Hypoplasia is a fairly common condition dentists see. However, there are different kinds and different causes.

Turner’s tooth hypoplasia

Turner’s tooth is a specific type of hypoplasia that is the result of an infection in a primary tooth.

Enamel hypomineralization vs hypoplasia.

Enamel hypomineralization describes the quality of the enamel. The enamel in these cases has less mineralization and results in discoloured enamel. Although these teeth start with the normal shape and size, the enamel weakness results in post eruptive breakdown. These teeth often present with missing enamel due to it being lost. Enamel hypoplasia is a quantitative defect of the enamel presenting as pits, grooves, missing enamel or smaller teeth.


Odontodysplasia, also known as “Ghost teeth”, is a severe condition of hypoplasia.

Odontodysplasia severe hypoplasia x-ray