Hollow jaw

hollow jaw dental implant

Dental implant dropped into a hollow jaw space!

Hollow jaw space is a term we use to describe an area of very low bone dentistry or no bone that is most often in the lower jawbone.

What is a hollow jaw bone?

Basically a hollow jaw is an area that is deficient in bone dentistry. While a very observant dentist might find it on a CBCT, most are probably found when a dental implant drops into the space.


What causes a hollow jaw bone?

No one knows for sure. It’s likely just on the far end of standard deviation curve for normal anatomy.

hollow jaw implant incident

How fix the the jaw to allow for a future implant?

If one is fortunate enough to find it before the implant goes in, then cleaning out the area and pack some bone grafting in.  Another alternative is to place an implant with a wide coronal portion. Something like a tissue level implant is nice in a situation like this.

What about a dental implant that drops into a hollow jaw?

Well good luck! Best to try to remove with a narrow impression coping. Should also open the access more as it is likely too tight to easily come back out same hole. Another suggestion I have seen that might work was to add a little ketac cement onto the end of an Allen wrench and drop that into a dried implant hex. Then let that set and counter clockwise it out. Not sure that would actually work but if you are desperate, maybe worth a try.

hollow jaw dental implant

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