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Cement sepsis

cement sepsis on abutment

Cement sepsis – What is it? Cement sepsis is an infection and inflammation resulting from dental cement being around the crown abutment margin.  The body doesn’t like the rough surface as it harbors bacteria.  Since the body can not expel it, bone resorbs as an attempt to get away.  If we do not treat cement […]

Dental code cement sepsis

dental screw access

Dental code cement sepsis and dental code peri-implantitis charges “Dental code cement sepsis” or “dental code peri-implantitis” are probably one of the search terms that lead you here. If so then you are in the right spot. What are charges and codes for cement sepsis? There are two ways you could remove the cement from […]

Painful implant cement sepsis fixed non surgically


 Painful implant with bone loss (peri-implantitis) Peri-implantitis Case of the week Click for larger view Liz had trouble, more specifically pain, around this implant ever since the crown was put on.  After the original dentist (the one that placed the crown on the implant) couldn’t help her, the surgeon that placed the implant referred her […]

How to cement implant crown

Cement implant crown

Thinking of doing a cement implant crown? Cement implant crown is one of the two major ways we deliver the crown. To see comparisons of cement vs screw retained check our post with the research. Cement implant crown steps and tips I will just list the most important key points and then later go into […]

Cement or Bond Dental Crown


Should you cement or bond your dental crown? Cement vs bond for a dental crown What criteria dictate cement or bond for a dental crown? Cementing a dental crown is easier and as long as there is enough tooth structure to maintain the crown should be the method of retention. If the retention is low […]

ICAP (Implant Crown Adhesive Plug)

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ICAP Implant Crown with an Adhesive Plug ICAP is a restorative method we utilize to hide screw access holes for screw retained dental implant crowns.  It is not very popular because of the extra steps but is probably the most esthetic treatment modality. This method can be utilized for screw retained dental implant crowns, screwmentable […]

Dental implant problems

dental implant problems

What are some common dental implant problems? Dental implant problems vary from surgical to prosthetic issues and from easy to very difficult. Below is a list of various issues we have seen over the years. Loose dental implant abutment screw This one is a fairly easy fix unless in the front of the mouth and […]

Dental code – loose implant screw

dental screw access

What is the dental code for a loose implant screw? Often a loose screw can be a bit nerve racking for us dentists.  Is it just the screw?  We hope so!!  If the implant is loose, it’s obviously a much bigger problem.  To find out for sure we may need to drill through the crown […]

Peri-implantitis, peri-implant mucositis, and peri-implant gingivitis


What is peri-implantitis? Peri-implantitis is similar to periodontal disease in that it has 2 phases; peri-implantitis which is similar to periodontitis and peri-implant mucositis which is similar to gingivitis. Periimplantitis is an inflammatory process with suppuration (pus) and/or bleeding with progressing bone loss after the adaptive phase. In other words after the implant has healed […]

Delivery Visit #4


<–Step 4  Step 5 for full mouth dental rehabilitation  Step 6–> Appointment time 1 carp palatal apex of 2nd PM Removal temps. Hemostat IP and the temps “pop” off.   Sometimes it is a somewhat loud crack or crunch sound so warn the patient of it before you do it, if aggressive preps may need to […]