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Cement sepsis

cement sepsis on abutment

Cement sepsis – What is it? Cement sepsis is an infection and inflammation caused by dental cement being left around the crown abutment margin.  The body doesn’t like the rough surface as it harbors bacteria.  Since the body can not expel it, bone resorbs as an attempt to get away.  Left untreated it can cause […]

Dental code cement sepsis

dental screw access

Dental code cement sepsis and dental code peri-implantitis charges What are charges and codes for cement sepsis? There are two ways you could remove the cement from a dental implant.  One way is to flap the area and fully debride the area.  The other way it to access the screw and remove the crown/abutment as […]

Painful implant cement sepsis fixed non surgically


Case of the week Painful implant with bone loss (peri-implantitis) Peri-implantitis Click for larger view Liz had trouble, more specifically pain, around this implant ever since the crown was put on.  After the original dentist (the one that placed the crown on the implant) couldn’t help her, the surgeon that placed the implant referred her […]

How to cement implant crown

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Cement implant crown Get a custom abutment (or stock for the rare case that the margins are above the tissue) and have the lab leave all margins but the esthetically critical areas ABOVE the gum line.  In esthetic areas have them place the margin just barley below the gum line.  Most people bury the lingual […]

Cement or Bond Dental Crown


I used to use Emax nearly exclusively in the posterior.   My protocol is 1) try in, floss etc..- 2)pa or bwx to confirm seat. 3) Ivoclean the internal aspect of the restoration for ten seconds, rinse and dry 4) Silane 5) Rely X unicem 2 if the crown is > 1.5mm thick, quick tac […]

ICAP (Implant Crown Adhesive Plug)

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ICAP Implant Crown with an Adhesive Plug ICAP is a restorative method we utilize to hide screw access holes for screw retained dental implant crowns.  It is not very popular because of the extra steps but is probably the most esthetic treatment modality. This method can be utilized for screw retained dental implant crowns, screwmentable […]

Dental implant problems

dental implant problems

What are some common dental implant problems? Loose dental implant abutment screw This one is a fairly easy fix unless in the front of the mouth and access to the screw is not straight forward.  The hard part is figuring out why the screw is loose.  Most often it is a lateral excessive contact.  The […]

Dental code – loose implant screw

dental screw access

What is the dental code for a loose implant screw? Often a loose screw can be a bit nerve racking for us dentists.  Is it just the screw?  We hope so!!  If the implant is loose, it’s obviously a much bigger problem.  To find out for sure we may need to drill through the crown […]

Delivery Visit #4


<–Step 4  Step 5 for full mouth dental rehabilitation  Step 6–> Appointment time 1 carp palatal apex of 2nd PM Removal temps. Hemostat IP and the temps “pop” off.   Sometimes it is a somewhat loud crack or crunch sound so warn the patient of it before you do it, if aggressive preps may need to […]