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Venous lake corner lip


Venous lake in the lip corner – Laser treatment Jacob called our office with what he believed from his internet research was a venous lake lesion.  He lives in New Jersey so he would need to travel quite a distance to see us.  In cases where people are not local, we have them take several […]

Venous lake lower lip

venous lake lower lip before and after

Venous lake lower lip treatment with laser Do you have a venous lake on your lower lip?  This is a procedure we complete in office with one visit.  The results speak for themselves, so check out our before and after section.  Almost all of our after photos are phone pictures since the patients travel to […]

Two venous lakes lesions

venous lake

Two venous lake lesions treated Another patient decided to make the drive and have us treat his venous lake lesions.  I thought I would share this case as it was interesting that he had two rather large lesions.  Typically when we are treating someone with a venous lake, after careful inspection, we are able to […]

Blue lip treatment – Is it a venous lake?

Cost lip hemangioma

Your blue lip or purple lip is…….Venous lake, varix, hemangioma, phlebectases? All are fairly similar and can be easily treated with a laser.  Many people that arrive at my office from other medical doctor offices are calling them hemangiomas but I think almost all are actually venous lake or varix.  Here is a little technical […]

Venous lake treatment with Laser


Venous lake on your lip? Do you have a blue bump on your lip?  Has it grown slightly over the years?  Does it look something like the photo below?  There is a very good chance you have a venous lake and we provide the venous lake treatment you are looking for.  While these may be […]

Laser treatment of Venous Lake lesion


A Venous Lake is a small vascular lesion most commonly seen on the lower lip.  It does not necessitate removal and is of no medical risk to the individual that has it.  A definitive way to ensure that it is a venous lake formation and not something else is to place pressure on it and […]

Laser Dentistry

laser frenectomy orthodotnics

What is Laser Dentistry? Laser dentistry can have several different meanings that describe both the type of laser used and the procedure the laser is being used to treat. Traditionally lasers have been confined to mostly soft tissue use and very limited ability to cut hard tissue like tooth and bone. This has changed to […]

Dental Laser

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Dental Laser uses and types I currently have and use a diode laser for a variety of soft tissue related treatments. Cold sores Venous Lake Frenectomy Tissue removal for biopsy Esthetic gingival re-contouring  Er:YAG use for veneer removal