Adult Braces

Adult BracesGetting braces as an adult may seem like a tough decision. After all, the braces you’ve seen on your friends as a child were cumbersome and, in some instances, would prevent them from participating in certain activities. However, you have seen the end results and have reached the conclusion that you are ready for adult braces.

Here at Bauer Dentistry & Orthodontics, we specialize in braces of all types and for all ages. Our orthodontist, Dr. Danielle is the doctor to see when it comes to orthodontics and she uses her knowledge, experience, and state of the art technology to make your experience a stress free one.

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Adult Braces in Wheaton

As technology has evolved, so have braces. The new braces available, particularly Damon® Brackets are passive, especially when we compare them to the older style braces. These braces are self-ligating meaning they use less friction when moving your teeth into the correct position. They do not utilize rubber bands or metal ties because they are unnecessary. This translates into increased comfort with a quicker treatment time and fewer trips to the orthodontist.

There are many perks that come with self-ligating braces. One of the best features is that they are easier to maintain and this makes your braces easier to care for hygienically. These braces are smaller making them easy to care for. This greatly contributes to your oral health and leads to less of those white decalcification spots on your teeth after your treatment is complete.

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