All on 4 Dentures Wheaton

Well-Crafted All on 4 Dentures for Wheaton

The all on 4 (AO4) denture is a specialty treatment at Bauer Dentistry and Orthodontics in Wheaton. Attached by 4 implants to the jaw, the all on 4 dentures can drastically change a person’s smile. As people age dental care becomes more difficult and may result in loss of teeth or severe tooth decay. The all on 4 dentures can alleviate the distress of degraded teeth as well as restore confidence in speaking to others. Every day tasks such as eating become easier as well.
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all on 4 We ensure this can never be seen by anyone other than someone actively lifting your lip up.[/caption]

Remarkable All on 4 Dentures near Wheaton

The all on 4 dentures are an amazing piece of dental hardware. Residents in Wheaton suffering from tooth decay may restore their smile by getting this implant. The dentist first removes problematic elements from their jaw, followed by surgery to attach the implant. The teeth are fabricated while temporary ones are fitted to the patient.

Overall, the process installing all on 4 dentures can take up to 2 years. There are a series of follow up appointments to monitor healing, clean, and build up to the fabrication of the permanent teeth. It is a long process performing regular follow up appointments. Ultimately you will own a pair of dentures you never have to remove, never worry about soaking, and restore your smile.

Lower-Cost All on 4 Dentures Wheaton

The lengthy process of an all on 4 dentures procedure in Wheaton is not without a price tag. At our office, they can cost up to $17,000-$22,000 per jaw. This price is still thousands of dollars less than most other offices because you have one dentist handling your case. That’s less cost to you and more attention to your care. If you have any other questions about an all on 4 call us today at 630-665-5550 or fill out the form on this page.

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