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6 month Braces


If you are an adult, you have likely heard of this term called “6 month braces” or “6 month smiles.” As an orthodontist, let me assure you that this is not an appropriate modality of treatment when you are trying to get your teeth fixed. I am posting this blog because of the amount of […]

Orthodontist v. dentist

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The difference between a Dentist and an Orthodontist Why is it so important to see an orthodontic specialist for braces as opposed to your general dentist? 1. A qualified orthodontic specialist must first receive his/her doctorate in general dentistry – the same as the general dentist. Then, they must complete an additional three years of […]

Can you skip phase 1 orthodontics?

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 Often, YES!!! This is another article showing there really is no huge advantage to EARLY treatment in patients who present with a class II (aka- large overjet).   An example of this bite is shown here in this picture  Unless there are pressing bite issues (like a crossbite or severe crowding), it may just be best to […]

Informed consent – Cooperation


Informed consent – Cooperation An important part of orthodontics is COOPERATION from the patient.  Dr. Bauer’s job is to get your teeth straight and bite perfected, but I cannot do it without YOU.  Here are the patient responsibilities: Brush/floss as directed to avoid the problems listed below (cavities, gingivitis, decalcification) Show up to your appointments!  […]

Some risks involved in Orthodontics


As with any type of procedure, there are risks and benefits associated with treatment.  Luckily for orthodontics, the risks are minimal and very rare.  Let’s discuss some risks, starting with the most common: 1. Root resorption (WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?!?!): The portion of the tooth that you see in your mouth is called the crown. […]