Bauer Bucks

BauerBucksWe have some exciting news! Our office will now be rewarding our awesome patients for great hygiene, compliance, and achievements during and after your time in orthodontic treatment. Starting in 2015 our young dental patients also qualify!  To receive Bauer Bucks at your appointment you will need to have excellent hygiene. We will then award points for several different types of accomplishments: clean teeth, no broken brackets or appliances, and great headgear and elastic wear.  You will see what your points redeem for when you click on the rewards card image below.

Click on card to enter into our Bauer Bucks Program!

Points available for regularly scheduled appointments: 50
Up to 50 points per visit for performing tasks (10 points for each) recommended by Dr. Bauer.

  • Excellent oral hygiene…10 points
  • No loose brackets…10 points
  • No bent or broken wires…10 points
  • Wearing all appliances correctly (rubber bands, etc.)…10 points
  • Wearing T-shirt to your appointment…10 points

We have great opportunities for bonus points as well!

  • Each A/Excellent on a report card is worth 50 points.
  • Earnn 50 points for liking us on Facebook.
  • No cavities @ dental exam is worth 500 points!!

Bauer points are non-transferable between family and friends.

Gift cards, points and other prizes are not redeemable for cash.  Points expire @ 5 years.

Points can be redeemed for great prizes, just click on the card above! Enter your membership number (username) on the back of your card and use your membership number on the back of your card as your password until you are able to login and set your password to something you’ll remember. Enter into our world of fun!