Implant abutment connection types

Implant abutment connection types

What are the different implant abutment connection types? Implant abutment connection types are primarily 3 categories. What are the different types of implant abutment connections available? External hex, internal hex, and tissue level are the three main groups that you can place connection types into. There is also unique connection types that are not as […]

3D printed dental crowns

before and after dental crowns

Where are we with 3D printed dental crowns? 3D printing of dental crowns has a good chance of being the future of dental care. Are we there yet though? What materials can we 3D print a crown in? Several companies have FDA approval for 3D printing dental crowns. The ADA has made some minor changes […]

Hollow jaw

hollow jaw dental implant

Dental implant dropped into a hollow jaw space! Hollow jaw space is a term we use to describe an area of very low bone dentistry or no bone that is most often in the lower jawbone. What is a hollow jaw bone? Basically a hollow jaw is an area that is deficient in bone dentistry. […]


Dr. Bauers family and the pediatric dentist

What is hypoplasia of the teeth? Hypoplasia is a fairly common condition dentists see. However, there are different kinds and different causes. Turner’s tooth hypoplasia Turner’s tooth is a specific type of hypoplasia that is the result of an infection in a primary tooth. Enamel hypomineralization vs hypoplasia. Enamel hypomineralization describes the quality of the […]


Dr. Bauers family and the pediatric dentist

What is barodontalgia? Barodontalgia is pain that occurs as pressure changes. Other difficult conditions in dentistry that may be similar to barodontalgia. This is the 10th in a series of multiple post series about orofacial pain with difficult to diagnosis or unusual origin. Cracked tooth syndrome Trigeminal neuralgia Atypical odontalgia Neuralgia-inducing cavitational osteonecrosis or NICO […]

Operculum removal

operculum removal ADA dental code

Looking for the operculum removal ADA dental code? Operculum removal dental code is D7971. What is an operculum? Operculum is the name we give to tissue covering a partially erupted tooth. We often see this on lower back molars of younger adults and kids. What is the cost to remove the operculum? You will need […]

Implant drilling

dental implant drilling technique

What is the ideal dental implant drilling technique? Dental implant drilling techniques vary from system to system. So what is the ideal form one implant may not be ideal for another. Furthermore bone density plays a role in dermingin ideal implant drilling technique too. However, there are some general guidelines that are useful. Forward drilling […]

Scaling Root Planing

scaling and root planing

What is SRP, scaling and root planing, or more commonly known as a deep cleaning? Scaling and root planing is a procedure we do for individuals with some level of periodontal disease. So first off we will describe what periodontal disease is. What is periodontal disease? Periodontal disease is an infection, and the number one […]

First bite syndrome

Image of wheaton dentists

What is first bite syndrome? First bite syndrome is an orofacial pain condition that does exactly what is says. The patient feels pain when they first bite something or first taste something. It usually comes after surgery to the parapharyngeal space. Other difficult conditions in dentistry that may be similar to first bite syndrome. This […]

Implant seating jig

Implant seating jig

How do you make an implant seating jig? Implant seating jigs are very useful for dentists to help them more quickly seat an implant case. What is an implant seating jig? An implant seating jig is an acrylic (typically) sleeve that wraps around the custom implant abutment and the teeth in the area. It allows […]