Healing abutment stuck

Healing abutment stuck

How to safely remove a stuck healing abutment A stuck healing abutment can be a little intimidating, especially the first few times you run into one. Often you are nervous you will torque the implant out. If that does happen with a stuck healing cap then the implant was not going to be successful anyway, […]

Dental implant failure

dental implant failure due to anterior cantilever

Common reasons for dental implant failure Dental implant failures can broadly be put into 3 categories; poor planning or execution by the doctor, mechanical failure, and host failure. Often there is a mixture of these reasons. Poor planning or execution by the doctor is the number one reason for a short term failure. Although we […]

Gum graft around implants

gum graft around dental implant

What are the options for a gum graft around dental implants? Gum graft around dental implants are something we do to increase the amount of healthy thick keratinized tissue. When is a gum graft around a dental implant beneficial? Although there is some debate on the issue, many believe thick keratinized tissue is beneficial to […]

Interproximal space closure

walking tooth close interproximal space

Interproximal space closure between teeth Interproximal space closure between teeth can be accomplished with several methods, including a restorative option or the walking it forward technique. When do we see an interproximal space open between teeth? If you have done dentistry for awhile you have both seen this and had this happen to you. Typically […]

Cantilever dental bridge

cantilever dental bridge code

Cantilever dental bridge for a missing space Cantilever dental bridge is exactly as the name implies. It is a bridge that does not have a connection on both sides of the missing tooth. They can be in the front and back but typically the cantilever is going to be a premolar if we use this […]

Orantral fistula repair

oral antral fistula

Orantral fistula repair techniques Orantral fistula repairs can be challenging and the best thing to do is avoid them from occurring in the first place. What is an orantral fistula? An oroantral fistula is a connection or opening between the oral cavity and the maxillary sinus. Causes of orantral fistulas. While these can be developmental, […]

Closing black triangles teeth after braces

Closing black triangles teeth after braces

Closing black triangles between your teeth after braces Closing black triangles between your teeth after braces is easy with Bioclear! After receiving orthodontic treatment you may notice spaces in between your teeth that resemble a black triangle. Referred to as gingival embrasures, these spaces can result in cosmetic and dental hygiene issues. There are many […]

Conus overdenture changed to fixed prosthesis

conus removable overdenture changed to fixed dental implant prosthesis

Changing a removable conus overdenture to a fixed implant supported prosthesis Changing a removable Conus overdenture to fixed teeth is something we can do. Most people prefer teeth that are fixed solid into place over teeth that they can remove. Even if the teeth are secure in place as with an Atlantis conus implant overdenture, […]

In office milling cerec

cerec flat top onlay preps

The ugly side of in office milling of dental crowns, which are mostly cerec. In office milling of dental crowns is gaining in popularity. Unfortunately many dentists that are doing these in office crowns either do not have the best technology or they are just plain old not very good at it. In office dental […]

Dental milling

before and after dental crowns

All things dental milling Ever wonder why those crowns that are from an in office mill lack anatomy and often do not fit as well? Me too. This is a work in progress and is just my notes for now. Dental milling limitations Whenever milling a dental crown or framework you have limitations due to […]

ADA dental codes 2021

ada dental codes 2021

ADA dental code changes for 2021 Information about new ADA code changes for 2021. 2020 codes are in another post. What are some of the major changes this year? There are some COVID changes. A lot of new codes about taking x-rays but not reading them. Nomenclature changes like changing chairside to direct and lab […]