All on 3

all on 3

What is an all on 3? All on 3 is the short name for an implant supported prosthesis that is only on 3 implants instead of the traditional minimum of 4. It is definitely more controversial but seems to work well in the lower jaw. All on 3 (AO3) research An AO3 works according to […]

ADA codes 2020

ADA dental code 2020 changes

ADA dental code changes for 2020 Information about new ADA code changes for 2020. 2019 codes are in another post. What are the changes this year? A lot of the changes have to do with re-cementing space maintainers or orthodontic appliances and could have been left the same. Many deal with titanium crowns, which I […]


RCT molar

Decompression of a dental abscess Decompression of a dental abscess is something that is rare but beneficial with large lesions. Endodontists and oral surgeons are probably the main two specialists with training in this area. Steps for decompression of a dental abscess The steps for decompression depend to some degree on where it is in […]

Air abrasion

cojet air abrasion dentistry

Air abrasion use in dentistry Air abrasion use in dentistry is a nice tool with various applications from hygiene, clinical, and laboratory. What are the different materials in use for air abrasion? The material choice decides what the goal of air abrasion is. The more coarse material is the more it cuts into tooth structure. […]

Retrograde peri-implantitis

retrograde peri-implantitis dental implant

Retrograde peri-implantitis of dental implants Retrograde peri-implantitis, or implant periapical lesion, is a radiolucent lesion at the apical portion of a dental implant. Typically one will develop in the first few months post insertion. What is the cause of retrograde peri-implantitis? The cause is bone death and or infection and is multi-factorial. We believe this is […]

Dental implant checklist

dental implant checklist

Dental implant checklist and other dental procedural checklists Dental implant checklists are an important step to help ensure simple mistakes are made less frequently. Many of the small mistakes that can occur in the dental field are far from life threatening, but we need to take our our profession seriously. Why the need for an […]

Conservative endodontic access

stress concentration loading molar

Conservative endodontic access (Ninja access) Conservative endodontic access or ninja access is basically an access to complete a root canal that is very small. My bias is that most root canals we see fail do so from infection and likely ineffective cleansing. To limit ones ability to effectively clean out the inside to reduce the […]

Pulp cap

dental pulp cap

What is a dental pulp cap procedure? Dental pulp cap is the partial removal of the dental pulpal tissue and placement of a restorative material over the top of the exposure. Historically there are several pulp capping materials but today MTA and Biodentine dominate the direct pulp cap research Calcium hydroxide was traditionally the product […]

Dental pins

dental pins for crown

Dental pins, or dentin pins, for crowns and fillings Dental pin use is way down with the widespread use of composite bonding. However, there is still a place that they can be useful. Dental pins for crowns This is probably the most common use today for dental pins. There are times when a tooth has […]