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Dental volunteer organizations

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Organizations that dentists can volunteer their time to Freedom Day USA, a national Thank You Movement for the members of our military and their immediate families, along with Veterans. Each business participant is providing a thank you gift, in the form of free services, goods, discounts, and various other offers. A complete list of local […]

Pearl Network dentist

PEARL network dentist

PEARL Network Dentist PEARL network dentist is a dentist that participates in research in private practice through the national organization. What is a PEARL network dentist? First of all, PEARL stands for Practitioners Engaged in Applied Research and Learning and that is a good definition as well. The dentists that are in the PEARL network […]

Infection control dental

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Infection control dental Infection control dental water unit “Practice A used tap water for pulpotomies without water quality monitoring or bleaching of waterlines at the end of each day, as recommended in the manufacturer guidelines.* All water samples from the seven dental stations had bacterial counts above the American Dental Association recommended ≤500 colony-forming units […]

Safest time period ever

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Safest, least violent time period ever We are living in the safest time period ever. Studies showing high percentage of humans were killed by each other.  Similar to other top predator populations.   Why do people still think violence is at all time high? Almost certainly has to do with creep. If most behaviors are […]