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Dental disinfection

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Dental disinfection Protocols PVS impression disinfection process   Model work disinfection process A standard microwave works to disinfect model work without negative impact.  Disinfection time for a stone model at 600 W takes 3 minutes and sterilization occurs around 5 minutes at 900 W.   Bona GenDent 2017 Anaraki J Dent Res 2013  . In […]

Dental splinting – Tooth splinting dental code


Tooth splinting dental code – When to use what codes Teeth splint ADA code D4320 and D4321 are provisional splints for periodontal teeth.  Usually used on lower anterior on older individuals.  D4320 is intracoronal, thus requires some sort of tooth removal and placement of a stabilization wire or fiber.  D4321 is extracoronal, thus the stabilization […]


Wheaton dental orthodontist family

Treatment planning visit Discuss options, costs, and time needed. Educate patient about options available from fixed to fixed/removable to removable. If all goes well you will have your dentures or partials 6 weeks from the date you schedule your next visit.  In special circumstances the process can be rushed considerably, but there is a cost […]

Mandibular nerve block failures


When the IAN block is successful but still does not produce sufficient anesthesia for the patient try Lingual infiltration to anesthetize accessory innervation via the mylohyoid from the lingual Anesthetize retromolar area 8% have retromolar foramina that may be accessory innervation from long buccal In anterior cross the midline and place anesthetic Try switching to […]

Fourth visit – Delivery


2 weeks after the third visit you receive your dentures.  This is a short visit.  We will confirm the is no major issues.  This visits lasts less than 30 minutes. Delivery Evaluate esthetics.  Patient happy? Evaluate fit, only adjust any major tight spots today Evaluate occlusion with Kerr indicator wax. PM adjust lower buccal incline […]

Close crown contact

How to close an open  crown contact by yourself Need a porcelain furnace with a vacuum, some add-on porcelain, modeling liquid and a brush. Need to know coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) and firing temperature for your porcelain.  Add-on material must have the same CTE and a lower firing temperature than the material you are […]

MTA pulp cap direct

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MTA pulp cap MTA pulp cap procedural steps.   Post-Exposure Mix MTA and place thin layer TheraCal LC over that and cure Selective etch technique with gluma after etch Can bond immediately over MTA Tsujimoto 2013 Meta-analysis – Appears to me that MTA is the best but “not statistically significant”.  Ahmed Elkhadem and Inas Sami 2014 EBD […]