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Closing black triangles?

Black triangle with Bioclear

Black triangle teeth treatment options Black triangle teeth treatment choices will vary from dentist to dentist and the method that we choose depends on the reason for the black triangle, the patient’s desires, and the dentist’s experience. Closing tooth black triangle options The main options for treating teeth black triangles are restoratively, orthodontically, prosthetically, or […]

Bleeding during implant surgery

wheaton dental implants

How to stop bleeding during dental implant surgery Best to avoid prior to happening, obviously.  Three high risk areas are going to be the lingual foramen and sublingual area, the maxillary incisive canal, and the PSSA (posterior superior alveolar artery) in the lateral wall of the sinus. Steps Pressure and guaze Hemostatic agent like gelfoam  […]

Biological shaping and barrel flute of crown

biological shaping

Biological shaping and the contours of a barrel crown.  The point of it is to remove over-contoured areas of teeth and eliminate furcations so that they are cleansible.  This is especially beneficial after some minor bone loss has occurred.  It’s much easier to show this technique than to explain it so I’ve attached pictures I […]

Implant Supported Prosthesis Surgery


Contraindications (Surgical, host, implant, and occlusion) active infection in area of planned implant systemic disease that would contraindicate implant surgery sever skeletal jaw discrepancy Class V or VI Cawood and Howell radiation head or neck in past 12 months sever bruxism or grinding poor oral hygiene pregnancy 10-15 or more cigarettes a day 2g amoxicillin […]

Immediate dental implant placement with extraction

kan tooth bone position anterior

Immediate dental implant placement dental implant Immediate dental implant survival rates about the same as those in mature bone.  No consensus on graft or membrane but primary closure preferred 1 Great article referencing Tarnows Chu and Salama  Dual Zone Technique What is the ideal site for an immediate? ITI says must have Intact socket walls […]

Making a custom impression coping

2016-01-28 14.51.56

Custom impression coping to capture soft tissue emergence If doing many units together check steps at bottom. Indirect method of custom impression coping Spyropoulou 2009 Remove custom temp Screw it on lab analog Seat entire assembly in bite reg PVS Remove custom temp Place Impression coping (may need to alter to seat fully) Place autopolymerized […]

(Immediate) Temporize Dental Implant


Screw retained Immediate implant temporary Fully digital Lab fabricates temporary crown with seating wings and hollow center Temp abutment is seated and temp crown is tried on offer it to check for full seating Once confirmed temp crown is luted to temp abutment intro-orally. Entire screw retained temp is now removed, refined, and polished. Dentistry […]

Immediate Dentinal Sealing


Immediate Dentinal Sealing or IDS technique Immediate Dentinal Sealing is a technique that allows you to seal the dentin immediate after preparation even though an indirect restoration is not ready. We use the IDS technique immediately after preparing a tooth for a crown. That is before we make our dental impression. It is critical that […]