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Cold Sore laser treatment (aphthous ulcer too)

cold sore laser treatment

Cold Sore laser treatment protocol RAU (recurrent aphthous ulcer) cause – Autoimmune. Chrohns, HIV, Bechets. Citrus fruit, trauma, stress, lack of sleep, immune system reactions, deficiency of b12, iron, or folic acid. Hormonal fluctuations. Sodium Lauryl sulfate Cold sore cause = HSV 1 Energy up to .8-1.2W Un-initiated tip. Notice very little change except in […]

Reline denture


Pick up impression Have patient practice biting until feel masseter flexing.  Have them feel difference of hitting versus clenching. Once can do that have them bite together while feeling masseter so not to clench. Use Lynol by Caulk Any increase in more than 2mm VDO will not be accepted When patient presents with worn denture […]

Cervical lesion surgical treatment


Cervical lesion treatment options of Connective Tissue Graft or Alloderm Etiology of cervical lesions is multi-factorial.   Before After Conditions impacting success Material used Tooth root surface Surgical technique Host conditions such as healing ability, muscle pulls, post op care Surgical treatment options for noncarious cervical lesion (NCCL) Traditional CT Graft = Gold Standard Roughen […]

Porcelain repair

Image of failed PFM repair

Need steps for a porcelain repair with composite? Porcelain repair with composite is possible but is more technique sensitive than most dentistry. Porcelain repair step by step Bevel and roughen with rough diamond (or sandblast) Apply 9% HF 1 minute – 90 seconds Regular phosphoric acid etch 20 seconds agitated to clean and remove salts […]

Surgical implant protocol 2-step


 Checklist (Christman Feb 2014 JADA) Treatment planning Verify perio status xray and probe Review diagnostic aids CBCT xrays etc ID key anatomy IAN, mental n, sinus, lingual concavity) Review medical history and meds Review treatment plan Check patient consent signed Check patient has copy treatment plan Intra operative Review medical history Vital signs if sedation […]