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Flowable composite options

wheaton dentists

What are the current flowable composite options? In the past I have been very critical of flowable composites, especially in the use of sealants as I would constantly see sealants that were broken or chipped.  A leaking sealant is worse than no sealant and within a year or so I would see at least one […]

6 month Braces


If you are an adult, you have likely heard of this term called “6 month braces” or “6 month smiles.” As an orthodontist, let me assure you that this is not an appropriate modality of treatment when you are trying to get your teeth fixed. I am posting this blog because of the amount of […]

Cracked tooth root canal


Case of the week                                     Cracked tooth syndrome I chose this case this week because it, like many cracked tooth syndrome teeth, was difficult to diagnose and caused significant suffering for the patient prior to extraction. Liza came to see me on a Monday in severe pain in her upper right jaw.  As with most cracked […]

downside dental sealants


 Why I don’t like sealants There is a popular saying on dentaltown about sealants; “dental sealants work great on people that don’t need them”.  The basic idea of taking our worst material, flowable has the highest contraction rate, and bonding it to an impossible to fully clean surface due to deep grooves is flawed from […]

Dr. Oz dental advice

Dr. Oz’s  Teeth Whitening Home Remedy    Please DO NOT DO!!!! Ingredients Baking Soda Lemon Please do not follow this recommendation.  Professional and store bought whitening is nothing more than hydrogen peroxide, the stuff in brown bottles you buy for cuts.  It’s safe and effective, why mess with that?  The reason his remedy is so bad […]

Care children baby teeth


In addition to tooth decay, your dentist can provide insight about teething irritation, gum disease,and prolonged thumb or pacifier sucking. To further promote good oral health in children,parents can utilize these five tips:1. As soon as the first teeth come in, begin brushing them with a small, soft-bristledtoothbrush and water. Consult with your dentist before […]