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Tunnel connective tissue graft

pediatric dentist

Tunnel connective tissue graft options Pedicle tunnel connective tissue graft Nice trick for anterior grafting   VISTA = Vertical Incision Subperiosteal Tunnel Access Technique used for grafting anterior.  Can be used for bone grafting pre-implant surgery or recession. Here is video of using SECTG and some alloderm? This would be one option for treating cervical […]

Digital dentures


Digital dentures or 3D printed dentures What is a digital denture? The two largest companies offering digital dentures right now are Pala dentures and AvaDent.  They can be 3D printed or CAD CAM. Why digital dentures? 3D printing and milling in theory should create the most accurate fit.  The hold up is still getting a […]

Dental liner

wheaton dentists

Dental liner – What is it? Dental liner is a term that refers to a material or technique used to prevent sensitivity in deep dental fillings.  There are a variety of products and techniques used.  Products can be bioactive and/or resin based.  MTA, glass ionomer, resin-modified glass ionomer, calcium silicate, and others are common materials […]

Broken bridge repair

borken bridge repair

Have a broken bridge?  Rather have it repaired than replaced? In need of broken bridge repair? Ok.  That can be a very cost effective option.  Alex had broken one of the porcelain teeth from his bridge.  He did not want to have to replace all 4 teeth that the bridge was attached to.  To do […]

At Home And Professional Maintenance Of Dental Implants

maintenance of dental implants

Tips For Maintenance Of Dental Implants Although dental implants are designed to look and function like your natural teeth, care must be taken when maintaining them to protect against peri-implant disease. For best results, you will have a comprehensive plan for the maintenance of dental implants that includes both a home care routine and regular […]

Denture problems

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Denture problems and their solutions Maxilla denture problems Sore spots – Mark obvious sore spots with Thimpson stick and allow to transfer.  Add PIP paste to check as well. Difficulty swallowing and gagging, discomfort in soft palate, and speech issues – Over-extension onto soft palate.  Check border hard and soft palate with Thompson stick and […]

Guided gingival growth

guided gingival growth

Guided gingival growth to increase keratinized tissue Basically just using a healing abutment that isn’t quiet tall enough for it to stick all the way out.  A 2-3mm tall healing abutment is often ideal.  An incision is made to uncover implant, healing abutment is placed, and tissue is sutured up and over.  Tissue heals almost […]