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Scaling Root Planing

scaling and root planing

What is SRP, scaling and root planing, or more commonly known as a deep cleaning? Scaling and root planing is a procedure we do for individuals with some level of periodontal disease. So first off we will describe what periodontal disease is. What is periodontal disease? Periodontal disease is an infection, and the number one […]

First bite syndrome

Image of wheaton dentists

What is first bite syndrome? First bite syndrome is an orofacial pain condition that does exactly what is says. The patient feels pain when they first bite something or first taste something. It usually comes after surgery to the parapharyngeal space. Other difficult conditions in dentistry that may be similar to first bite syndrome. This […]

Angioedema after dental treatment

angioedema in dental care treatment

What to do about angioedema from dental care? Angioedema can be the result of dental care. Whether it is from the physical trauma or emotional stress of the event is unclear but it is a known risk. Why is it important for a dentist to know about angioedema? There are instances of patient death following […]

Short dental implants

short dental implants

What is the current thinking on short dental implant? Short dental implants will continue to grow in popularity as they offer a lot of advantages. Where and when we can use them effectively will continue to be an issue that we research. Short dental implant research Short dental implants are a suitable alternative.  Tong IJOMI […]

White spot removal

remove white spots on teeth

How do you remove white spots on teeth? To remove white spots on teeth we need to remove the enamel and replace it in some manner. Methods for tooth removal of the white spot. The main methods for enamel removal is mechanical or chemical. Chemical removal is often called microabrasion. This technique is nice for […]

Deep interproximal cavities

Deep interproximal cavities

Tips and tricks on how to fill deep interproximal cavities Deep interproximal cavities are tricky to repair for several reasons. So what can you do to make live easier on yourself when restoring deep decay? Bone removal Removing some bone in the area of the decay may be necessary. We have found doing a separate […]


Dr. Bauers family and the pediatric dentist

ADA dental code updates for 2022 ADA dental code updates by category. Most of the changes are nomenclature or grammar and we will not discuss those changes. Endodontic code changes for 2022 A new code for the temporary we place after doing a root canal now exists. The code is D3911. Also a dental code […]

Andrew’s bridge

andrews bridge

What is an Andrew’s bridge in dentistry? Andrew’s bridge is the name of a removable partial overdenture that uses teeth for support. Some appear to use implants as support as well. It appears and functions in a very similar manner to a Hadar bar. When is a good time to consider an Andrew’s bridge? When […]



Are you suffering from cheilitis or lip inflammation? Cheilitis is a common issue that we dentists see on a regular basis. The vast majority of cases are minor can can be self limiting. What is cheilitis? Cheilitis means lip inflammation and most would just say chapped lips. There are many excellent images to help diagnosis […]

Gum graft around implants

gum graft around dental implant

What are the options for a gum graft around dental implants? Gum graft around dental implants are something we do to increase the amount of healthy thick keratinized tissue. This may be more ideal to do before a dental implant. When is a gum graft around a dental implant beneficial? Although there is some debate […]

Interproximal space closure

walking tooth close interproximal space

Interproximal space closure between teeth Interproximal space closure between teeth can be accomplished with several methods, including a restorative option or the walking it forward technique. When do we see an interproximal space open between teeth? If you have done dentistry for awhile you have both seen this and had this happen to you. Typically […]

Cantilever dental bridge

cantilever dental bridge code

Cantilever dental bridge for a missing space Cantilever dental bridge is exactly as the name implies. It is a bridge that does not have a connection on both sides of the missing tooth. They can be in the front and back but typically the cantilever is going to be a premolar if we use this […]