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Broken bridge repair

borken bridge repair

Have a broken bridge?  Rather have it repaired than replaced? In need of broken bridge repair? Ok.  That can be a very cost effective option.  Alex had broken one of the porcelain teeth from his bridge.  He did not want to have to replace all 4 teeth that the bridge was attached to.  To do […]

New porcelain crowns

dental veneers

Porcelain fused to metal dental crowns replaced with emax porcelain crowns Case of the week Harry had old PFM crowns placed as a young man after a skiing accident broke both teeth.  At the time this was the best result that was possible.  Harry was interested in upgrading his smile and closing the gap between […]

Close crown contact

How to close an open  crown contact by yourself Need a porcelain furnace with a vacuum, some add-on porcelain, modeling liquid and a brush. Need to know coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) and firing temperature for your porcelain.  Add-on material must have the same CTE and a lower firing temperature than the material you are […]

Zirconia dental crown

zirconia dental crown

Zirconia dental crown Most popular brand is Bruxzir New Trend – Partial or Hybrid Zirconia dental crown Zirconia-reinforced lithium silicates (ZLSs) are #2-3 Schutz Dental has a new zironia reinforced composite for its Tizian milling machine Dentsply has Zir reinforced lithium silicate called CELTRA CAD for their Sirona MCXL Vident had same as Dentsply called […]

CAD CAM dental crown


Feldspathic glass ceramic – CEREC Blocs by Sirona and Vita Mark II by Vident – high translucency flexural strength 154MPa 4µm particle size Leucite-reinforced glass ceramic – IPS empress CAD by Ivoclar – feldspathic glass ceramic with leucite added.  35-45% leucite 1-5µm 160MPa 2006 Lithium-disilicate ceramic – IPS e.max CAD by Ivoclar – 40% “blue […]

How long does a dental crown last?


Dental crown survival rates Dental crown categories can be sub-divided into porcelain fused to metal 3,2 (many different types of metal being used), porcelain fused to ceramic (alumina and zirconia but really just zirconia), metal crowns 4 (many types), ceramic crowns 1 (also many types), and the newest form of ceramic/resin hybrids (also many types).  […]

Impression or scan?


Impressions Metal tray better than plastic.   Putty better than heavy/light.    Scans  List of most of the big names CEREC® (learn more) TRIOS® (learn more) Lava™ C.O.S. (learn more) 3M™ True Definition Scanner (learn more) Cadent iTero™ (learn more) IOS FastScan® (learn more)