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3D printed dental crowns

before and after dental crowns

Where are we with 3D printed dental crowns? 3D printing of dental crowns has a good chance of being the future of dental care. Are we there yet though? What materials can we 3D print a crown in? Several companies have FDA approval for 3D printing dental crowns. The ADA has made some minor changes […]

Dental milling

dental milling

All things dental milling Ever wonder why those crowns that are from an in office mill lack anatomy and often do not fit as well? Me too. This is a work in progress and is just my notes for now. Dental milling limitations Whenever milling a dental crown or framework you have limitations due to […]

Spring cantilever bridge

spring cantilever bridge

What is a spring cantilever bridge? A spring cantilever bridge is one of those things that you might run into once in your career. They were never popular even in pre-dental implant days, but had their place. Spring cantilever bridge rationale The spring cantilever bridge replaces a single upper tooth that is lost. It can […]

New Translucent Zirconia Crowns

2016-06-29 14.12.53

New Translucent Zirconia Crowns New translucent zirconia crowns are arguably the best material to come along since white dental composites. They are very strong and for back teeth are very natural looking. Sean’s new translucent zirconia crown Are you in need of a dental crown but afraid that it will not look natural? This can […]

Zirconia crown fracture

bruxzir crown fracture

Zirconia crown fracture Zirconia crown fracture does occur. When it does it is often due to poor prep design, inappropriate material selection, or poor handling of the material. If you want to see some zirconia framework fractures click here. To learn more about zirconia crowns check out page on zirconia crowns. Zirconia crown fracture due […]

Broken bridge repair

borken bridge repair

Have a broken bridge?  Rather have it repaired than replaced? Broken bridge repair is what we do when a piece of the bridge has broken away. We can repair some of these with an over-crown. In need of broken bridge repair? Ok.  This is the most cost effective option.  In this case Alex broke one […]

Close crown contact

How to close an open  crown contact by yourself Need a porcelain furnace with a vacuum, some add-on porcelain, modeling liquid and a brush. Need to know coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) and firing temperature for your porcelain.  Add-on material must have the same CTE and a lower firing temperature than the material you are […]