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Anterior wear


Anterior wear no posterior must make shallow guidance. unknown source Must ortho intrude or cl anteriors? Spear Cupped anteriors showing lack of room for envelope of movement.   Pathway Wear From Spear The wear this patient has on her lower anteriors is something I know you all have seen before. I bet if you look […]

Pre Work Thoughts


Step 1 for full mouth dental rehabilitation Step 2–> Prior to impressing for final prosthesis ideally Temporomandibular joints in proper disc and condylar position in centric relation Occlusally equal intensity stops on teeth or acceptable substitute checked with T-Scan No posterior contact in excursive movements Anterior guidance in harmony with envelope of function If joints […]

Data gathering Visit #1


<–Step 1  Step 2 for full mouth dental rehabilitation    Step 3–> Patient Visit Discussion of what patient hopes to accomplish.  Patient goals. Photo series and maxillary and mandibular PVS impressions. Fabricate NTI or similar AMPSA for immediate night time use Power bleach Doctor time Length determination -Esthetic point A Max incisal edge position first then […]

Treatment plan – Visit #2


<–Step 2  Step 3 for full mouth dental rehabilitation    Step 4–> During appointment With AMPSA take bite registration with Futar D being sure to get molars Decrease height and take again repeat 2-3 until nearly touching or ICP Get Kois Dento-Facial Analyzer with photos Present treatment plan and discuss options Show digital photo of proposed […]

Prep and temp Visit #3


<–Step 3  Step 4 for full mouth dental rehabilitation    Step 5–> Appointment time If subtractive preparation needed then proceed with that first Place siltech stent and fabricate additive temporaries (can skip but makes ideal prep easier) If changing incisal position or vertical then must do temps and confirm speech and spacing Check E and S […]

Delivery Visit #4


<–Step 4  Step 5 for full mouth dental rehabilitation  Step 6–> Appointment time 1 carp palatal apex of 2nd PM Removal temps. Hemostat IP and the temps “pop” off.   Sometimes it is a somewhat loud crack or crunch sound so warn the patient of it before you do it, if aggressive preps may need to […]

Open vertical dimension occlusion


Vertical dimension occlusion can be opened Vertical can be opened to almost anything that appears esthetic and works with speech.  Must open anterior at same time as posterior to avoid headaches, muscle fatigue, and para-function.  Prep, temp, and restore via a SDA theory.  Then do molars last. Uwe Mohr post #10 Steps Accurate pre-op casts […]

Custom incisal guidance


Once the decision is made to make a custom incisal guide table, the following sequence of steps should be followed. Determine if you are going to restore the patient in a seated condylar position (CR) or in maximum intercuspal position (MIP). If the two positions do not coincide, decide if you want to perform an […]



Class I articulator: a simple holding instrument capable of accepting a single static registration; vertical motion is possible. Class II articulator: an instrument that permits horizontal as well as vertical motion but does not orient the motion to the temporomandibular joints. Class III articulator: an instrument that simulates condylar pathways by using averages or mechanical […]