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Is Oral Surgery Safe During Pregnancy?

Oral Surgeon Wheaton Il

Is Oral Surgery Safe During Pregnancy? While it may be obvious to not eat sushi or go zip-lining, the line becomes blurred when it comes to some medical and dental procedures, particularly oral surgery. Is oral surgery safe during pregnancy? Weighing The Necessity Against The Risk Oral surgeons and obstetrician agree that any elective surgery, […]

Swelling after dental surgery

dental swelling dental pain

How to handle swelling after dental surgery Swelling after dental surgery? How can you handle it? Swelling after dental surgery step by step help Swelling after an invasive dental surgery is a normal occurrence.  It helps to have taken anti-inflammatory (ibuprofen) or steroid before the surgery.  Excessive post-op swelling occurs and can be handled with […]

IAN microsurgery after injury

microsurgery of trigeminal nerve

IAN microsurgery – Repair of the Trigeminal Nerve About 50-60% of patients can expect some perceived improvement in symptoms following an IAN microsurgery. Moderate to severe nerve damage are unlikely to have complete sensory recovery.  Nice IAN microsurgery article. Exactly when to refer is debatable. 8 months to a year is when it is considered […]

Dental Implant Nerve Damage – Classify and treatment

imlpant or extraction nerve damage

Dental Implant Nerve Damage During surgery Dental Implant Nerve Damage is a known risk for dental implant surgery.  It can occur at several different stages of the dental implant procedure. Diagnosing the cause of the injury is very important for how you treat the injury. Dental Implant Nerve Damage Description and classification is found below […]

Sinus Perforation

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Sinus Perforation after tooth extraction or sinus perforation during implant placement? Sinus perforation is a known and fairly common complication for tooth extractions in the maxilla and for dental implant placement there as well. Test for sinus perforation. Sometimes with proper magnification and lighting you can visually see the perforation or perhaps during the surgery […]

Dental suture

wheaton dental implant

Dental sutures 6.0 PVDF Polyvinylidene Fluoride (Seralene) – Similar PTFE maybe a little nicer for esthetic areas.  Used to secure CT graft   Vicryl (polyglactin 910) is an absorbable, synthetic, usually braided suture PGA Suture PTFE suture 3-0 C. Gut Suture 3-0 Gut Suture 3-0 Nylon 6-0 for anterior areas Polypropylene similar nylon but more […]

Post oral surgery instructions

Oral Surgery – Post Instructions The healing period following the surgery you have just had typically takes one to two weeks and is uneventful provided you follow the following instructions. Bleeding: Leave the gauze in your mouth and continue biting on it for 30 minutes.  If active bleeding continues, fold new piece of gauze tightly, […]